Monday, 17 August 2015

Brush Upgrade

I love makeup and although there are some products that work better with my fingers, I love brushes and the finish they give. I have a real thing for Real Techniques brushes but they don't have a wide enough range for the things I want as I wanted specific shapes! Matt bought me some Zoeva brushes last christmas (i'm very excited for christmas as its only 129 days away but we will get on to that later) and I have really been in love with them ever since so I have been keen to get my hands on some more. The three brushes I chose were the 114 Luxe Face Focus, 129 Luxe Fan and 105 Luxe Highlight. I wanted a new powder brush to apply loose powder under my eyes and as that is a smaller area, I chose the 114 as it fits perfectly under that eye area and it has a small point so it is quite precise. After buying more and more highlighter, I new that my highlighter brush just wasn't up to scratch at all due to it being to big and bulky. I don't think there is any such thing a stop much highlight but I definitely prefer it to look more precise than smeared all over my face and thats where the 129 Luxe Fan brush comes in. Due to the thinness of the the fan, it gives a good precise application with the highlight which is perfect. Last but not least, I needed to up my contour game and I like my Real Techniques one but I needed a new one and thought I would try this. I know that the brush technically says highlight but I never use brushes for what they're meant to and I thought that because of its tapered thin end, it is great for calving out the hollows of my cheeks with my trusty  Nars Laguna. 

I love these brushes, if you haven't got any Zoeva brushes then you are missing out! 
Is there any of the range you fancy? 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel

IM BACK! I'm not going to let the crappy no internet get in my way, I miss blogging so much so here I am to introduce my new best friend. The Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. It's amazing!! My brow hairs seem to point more down wards than up so I have an issue keeping my desired brow shape which is incredibly annoying when you spend most of your allotted makeup time on making your brows as fleeky as possible. I recently changed up my brow routine by using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and I've been really enjoying it. It can be a little difficult getting the right consistency but i'm enjoying it! You can see the review of it here. As you will know if you read that review, that I bought this and the pomade from and this was £16.50 so realistically not too expensive for the length of time it will last me. 
I really like the consistency of this brow gel and although it is my first brow gel, its probably the only one that i'll be continuously buying. A key thing to remember is that lot goes a long way with gel, you only need a little brushed over the brow hairs to get the set that you need. Too much, and you can feel them on your forehead which is a feeling that I really hate. I decided on the clear brow gel over the tinted one just because I wanted to test the product first before I decided on a colour. Also, its quite hard picking colours to match online so I think I would rather wait until I go to America next and then choose the right colour for my brows. 
I have to admit, I'm a real sucker for ABH products. I don't know if its the beautiful packaging or the fact that its hard to get hold of over here but I love it! I have a lipgloss which is seriously pigmented and glossy which is what I love from a lipgloss. I have a few other items on the list, especially the eye shadows, they look stunning! What can I say, I'm slightly obsessed!

Are you a fan of any ABH products?