Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Get the Look! Makeup Revolution Hot Smoke Palette

Hey lovelies! Just a little look I did with the Make Up Revolution Hot Smoke Palette! Hope you enjoy xo

1. Blend the second shade in the palette through the crease for the purple to blend up better.

2. Blend the 11th shade which is a matte lavender shade, through the crease.

3.  Take the 7th and the last shade and pack that over your lid..

4. .. And along your lower lash line.

5. Then add mascara and your favourite lashes and you're done! Its that easy!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

My Patient Wish List #2

This seemed to be a rather popular post when I posted my first Patient Wish List so I thought, why not give it another go? If your like what the hell is this bird going on about, then check back to my old post to know what im going on about properly but in short, I'm basically making a wishlist that I have to wait to buy. Money doesn't grow on trees so I like to save for a while then have a little splurge on a few luxuries because its important to know that they are luxuries, they don't come easily and I work hard to get them!
Moving on..

I've never owned anything from Becca and I have a feeling that this will end up on my New York shopping list that will pop up start of next year (eager beaver) but still its definitly something I would like to get once I have saved up. Its just such a beautifull colour and I have heard so many people rave about it so its definitly something that I want to get my hands on to see what the hype is about!

I've been looking for a purse for a while now as mine is getting a little tatty and the card holder sections are all streched which means my cards fall out! I'm not risking loosing my Boots card so it's time for new one. This is such a cute purse and I love the stiching around the edge, gives it a great finish. Everyone loves a little Ted Baker, the finish on thier items are truly attention to detail yet can still be a within your price range treat. I have a coat from Ted Baker and its amazing so I'm hoping that the trend continues with this!

I've always wanted some over the head ear phones as the in ear ones are just so uncomfortable and I seriously love the style of the Solo 2 as they're so sleek. I've heard good things about the Beats range but I didnt get them when they came out as I like to wait a few months for the reviews to come and for the brand to make any adjustments to the technology as these things always need changes after there realeases. The iPhone 6 for instance..
Another thing is how amazing is this blue colour? I love blue and this is the lushest royal blue colour ever!!

I've tried the white and the black GlamGlow masks and I wasnt overly impressed. The white one definitly did more than the black one but i still felt like my Lush Mask Of Magniminty did more and the price difference is huge so I didnt bothering repurchasing. BUT, I've heard amazing things about this mask as the hydration within it can completly transform your skin and when your skin looks more plummed and hydrated it can make your look like new! Its just one of those things, where I need to know for myself, whether its going to cost me £49 or not... 

I smelt this little beauty in the latest edition of ELLE magazine and it is AMAZING. The one thing I will always splash out on is fragrance and its always a premium brand. I really dont want to sound like a snooty person but I can really tell between a celebrity or cheap fragrance and a designer one. I think that a good perfume can really make you known when you walk into a room and this is a beautiful fragrance. I even got a little spray of it in boots and kept it as it smells so good. Its a very deep and bold perfume so if you like that then go give it a whiff.

If you follow me then you know I like to do a lot of eye looks and I have seriously realised the difference good tools make. As soon as I can, i'll be purchasing some good tools to make my eye shadow application go from okay to amazing! I think i'll pick some up when I go to New York as even though I really really want them, £19 and £21 for a brush is a little pricey.. but still I would really like to get some as I want to make my shadows look better! If any of you have some reviews of them then please leave them down below so I can have a little snoop!
Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Let me know if anyone has any of these items or whether they would be on your wish lists!

All of the photo credits are linked unless stated otherwise and the prices are as the website states at this time.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Review | I Heart Makeup Death by Chocolate Palette

A girl can never have too many eye shadow palettes, so adding the Death By Chocolate Palette to my collection was a delight. This cheeky little number is another palette from the I Heart Makeup brand, which is a sister company to Makeup Revolution and if you didnt know, I'm yet to find any fault with the shadows that come out of either I Heart Makeup or Make Revolution.
First of all, lets just take a moment look at how lush the packaging is! The melted chocolate looks really cool on the front and it smells like chocolate.. Oh yeah, you read right, these shadows smell like chocolate which is absolutely amazing! 
So there's 16 shades, ranging from matte to shimmer and the shadows are all quite neutral colours, nothing too extreme but there are a few colours in there that could really give a pop of colour to a neutral eye look instead of just the plain normal earth tones. Another bonus is once you open it up, there is a huge mirror which you all know, I love when a palette has a big mirror as I get way too up close and personal when doing my shadows! There is such a great range of colours through out the palette so creating a look isn't difficult at all.
I've noticed a few comments saying its a dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and I can't personally comment as I don't own it but after having a little investigation, I think there are a some great similarities and considering the Too Faced palette is £45 and this little gem is £7.99, you'd be stupid to not pick up this one!
There is also a second palette from this range called I Heart Chocolate which is the same packaging but the shadows have more greens in than this one so I prefer this one but each to their own, they're all very wearable shadows. 
I think its quite clear to say that I Heart Makeup has done it again with their fun packaging and great quality shadows at bargain prices. 

Keep an eye out next week for a little treat thats coming.....!

Does anyone else own any I Heart Makeup palettes?

Sunday, 21 September 2014



So yesturday, me and Matt popped over to Northampton to have a late lunch/early dinner and after that I went into the mother ship (Boots). I needed lashes but of course I had a little peruse around the make up aisles. As I was eyeing up a another bottle of my L'Oreal True Match, I noticed what I can only be describe as a mess on my face. My eye brows looked like my niece had the last of one of her felt tip pens and had drawn over my eye brows. The fact that i even did that and went in public like it, made me extremely ashamed. I apologise to my fellow beauty bloggers, you deserve better from me! But yesturday, I have made a discovery that I have only noticed a few mentions before, in the beauty blogger world which seriously surprises me.
Obviously after seeing the shock horror that was on my face, I had to look for something new. I saw that L'Oreal do an eye  brow pencil but I didnt think that it would be much different to the Rimmel one I already have and I have also experimented with powders which don't really help me either. I then remembered that someone had mentioned about Soap and Glory doing eyebrow products. Off I trotted to the display that I know far too well and started riffling through the products. I didnt realise that they had two different types, one with a pencil and a spoolie and one with a pencil and a fine brush with a tint at the other end. I first picked up the spoolie one as it thought that it looked like the Anastia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz which i've been wanting for a long time but as I hadn't been getting much luck with the pencils, I thought it was time I tired something new. I was very very very sceptical as it was a browmergency and I needed a good fix!
Of course when I got home, I wiped off the monstrosities that were my eye brows and started to have a little play.

Oh. My. God. 

The little brush on the end of the pen, slowly gives out a tint and when it brushes along the brow hairs it makes each hair look thicker and darker which gives you suchs a natural brow. I use the brush end first to get a natural brow then I use the other end to define the brow and give it some structure. I am literally so impressed by this product, I will be buying more just incase they discontinue it as I don't think I can live without it!! It's a very buildable product so you can achieve a fine brow or a more fuller borw, which ever you decide!
As far as I saw, there were only two colours avalible, this one and a lighter one, but there could be more but I dont know! That could be the only down fall for some people but I personally didnt see it as an issue as I found that the colour seems quite universal.

Has anyone else used this? Let me know in the comments below :)

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Review | MAC Limited Edition Simpsons Collection - Pink Sprinkles Blusher


That's all that needs to be said really.

Only joking chums!
I was extremely excited to receive this on tuesday from my good friend Lindsay, who picked it up on while she was on her honeymoon in America! What a good egg.
I was so desperate to get this blush as I really loved the colour and the packaging is very unique. This is my first limited edition MAC collection piece as I have never been able to get my mitts on any of them before as it's the most ridiculous set up ever. Down to the people who buy 5 of each product at a time to sell at a ridiculously high price, I can never get my hands on any LE range that comes out as they are sold out within an hour or two of them being released online. 
You're probably like, why don't you go to the store and pick some up? Well if it was that simple I would but unfortunately I love 40 minutes away from a MAC counter in a Debenhams and my closet MAC store is London which is nearly an hour and half away. The struggle is real.
The packaging is really fun and although theres a diversion over whether its nice or not, I think its fun and its definitely something that will stand out in my make up collection. I love to keep my nicer products in their boxes so this will look so good in my make up draws.
The blush is called Pink Sprinkles (which is so cute) and is a beautiful blue pink colour. For the fairer skin tones like myself, it really makes my skin glow and look beautifully flushed with colour which I love. It also has a slight shimmer to it which really adds to the beautiful finish of this powder.
If you can't get your hands on the blush exactly and you love the colour then MAC do other blushers like Stay Pretty which is a light blue pink which is a prolong blush.
I really love the detail to attention from the packaging to the print of Marge's hair in the powder, I'm very pleased to have it!

If you have a chance to get your hands on it then do it!
If you have anything from the collection then please leave it in the comments!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Review | I Heart Make Up, I Heart Passion and I Heart Sin Palettes

I'm a little bit obsessed with these treats. These are my first ever products from I Heart Make Up and if the quality throughout is as good as these bad boys then I wont hesitate to check out what else they have to offer! The company I Heart Make Up can be found on the Makeup Revolution website and also in leading Superdrug stores along with Makeup Revolution stands too.
Any palette with a big ol' mirror in it always wins me over as I like to have a mirror closer to me than a desk width away so I can really see what I'm doing and achieve the right amount of blending. 
Out of all of the make up products avalible, I think that eye shadows come close to my top favourite as there is no limit to the creations you can achieve with them. You can only imagine how fast my mind was going when I first looked at these palettes. So many combinations with each of these palettes is available. I was like 'where do I start?!'
Probably the most important thing with eye shadows is the pigmentation and of course these do not disappoint. A double swipe on each shadow proves that the colour pay off is top notch and the colours stay intense when transferred onto skin. The texture is very very soft, even 'We Are Going Home' looks like its going to have a chunky glitter in it but once applied it feels very comfortable.
When I'm reviewing products, my natural instinct is to compare to what I know. Whether that's drugstore or high end and I can tell you that the shadows are better quality than the ones in the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette. WHAT. I know, my eyes have been opened to what I have been missing out on. Price tag means nothing ladies, this is £30 cheaper than the Smashbox palette and I would take these shadows over them. 
You don't need a full explanation of how good they are, do you?! Take my word for it, they're worth £7.99 each, its a great bargain and I can't rave enough about them. 

Go buy it, do it, do it. GO GO GO!

These were goodies sent to me from the lovely people at Makeup Revolution. These are my views.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Bloggers With Class Award

Bloggers With Class Award was created by Classy Cathleen, you know the drill - go check her out! I was tagged by they lovely Sarah over at http://beautypadawan.blogspot.co.uk/ go and check her out and leave lovely comments on her blog please. Tell her I sent you! We have a mutual love of the Royals and we will name our children after them one day.

These are the rules for the Bloggers With Class Award:

  • If tagged, please copy the rules into your post.
  • Please also link the post back to Classy Cathleen.
  • Recognise the blogger that tagged you (i.e. share a little about them on your blog, link back to them).
  • Tag 5 bloggers that you think are classy to receive the award as well.
  • Let the blogger know that they have been tagged.
  • Be sure to link back to the Blogger With Class Community (and don't forget to join).
  • Include the image in your blog post. 
What do you think it means to be classy?
Being put together. When you're walking around looking like you got in at 4am and just rolled out of bed without even a thought to what you're wearing. There is at least one day a week where I look like this but it's important to look after decent!

Who are some of your role models?
My whole family. They are people that I definitely look up too. And Beyonce.. e'rybody needs a bit of Bey in their life.

Who are some of your style icons?
It's hard one as they are all such mixed styles! Victoria Beckham is definitely in there, Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Lawrence (love her), Michelle Kegan, Keira Knightly, Olivia Palermo and just 90% of everything that comes out of Chanel.

Pearls or bows?
Pearls, I like bows in some cases but Pearls are classier! 

Who/what inspires you?
My family inspires me to be a better person and just day to day life inspires me to do great things!

What is your favourite colour?
Navy blue. Random but its pretty!

Do you like the classy style? What are some of your favourite pieces/trends of the fashion style?
Like i said before, I think that 90% of what comes out of Chanel is classy. Just all of the fabric and the cuts on the pieces are stunning and all of the styles are so timeless.

What are some of your favourite quotes?

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.
Mary Kay Ash

The only time you should look back is to see how far you've come.

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
Marilyn Monroe 

Why is it important to have class?
It's important because you're a lady. Women shouldn't be showing their dignity whilst passed out drunk at 3am.. No offence but its not classy! We've all been there once but I very quickly regretted it and it hasn't happened again!! 

When/Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog in Feb 2014 so only 7 months ago and I started it because I love having a place to escape and share all of my interested with people who feel the same.

Now its time for the lovely ladies below to do it!

Lindsay at http://www.whatlindsaybought.blogspot.co.uk/ when she finally gets her arse off her honeymoon! 
Catherine at http://counterpretty.blogspot.co.uk/
Lucy at prettylittlethingsmcr.blogspot.co.uk
Serene at imserenel.wordpress.com
Rosie at http://ohhsorosie.blogspot.co.uk/


Thursday, 4 September 2014

August Faves '14

Wow, I must not be the only one that is shocked about how quickly this year is going. The next few months are exciting for me as I always always always plan loads of things when Autumn and Winter come round, I'm not into all this hibernation stuff over winter.
In all fairness, I think I have brought a total of 3 new beauty items (yay to me, super saver) so this post pretty much consists of them and other older good stuff. Knowing me, once November and December hits, i'll be walking around like i'm ballin' because I determined to save for treats in the Christmas months!

I'd just like to put a little side note in that I realised recently that I did quite a few reviews in August and once I read back through them, I realised that I sounded so unbelievably BORING so I apologize for that and I (hopefully) wont be sounding like that again!

On to the faves. I purchased the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette in Streak a few weeks a go on a random spontaneous 'I need a treat' moment and I was excited because this was my first Urban Decay product. This certainly did not disappoint and I've taken it everywhere with me like a little nuggly or a comfort blanket because I just never want to let it go and I want all of them now. The texture on all of the powders is so soft and blendable, it's hard not to out down as it's that nice to use. I did a long review on it here if you wanted to check that out.
I haven't been using the Real Techniques Powder Brush with this palette but as we were talking powders, it was a good subject to follow on with. I really love all of my Real Techniques brushes, I want them to come out with more eye brushes to expand my collection but my favourite one this month has to be this powder brush. Its just one of those brushes that you'll happily just sit there, brushing it across your face just because its so damn soft! I love the density of it, I think its great to push your all over face powder on your skin and because of the size of the head, it gives a great even coverage over the skin too. 
The two lippies I have hanging in those photos are from the Maybeline Color Sensational line. I cannot tell you how much I love these lipsticks! I really love the packaging of them, when the light hits it them you can see how pretty they really are and because they are square they are easier to store all next to each other. I got these two colours over the warmer weather as they are such good soft summer shades so they were really easy and comfortable to wear. Not only all of those good things but either Boots or Superdrug always have them on deals at alternate times so I I always end up picking up a couple on a deal.
I really love doing eye looks and of course, no eye look is complete without a set of fierce lashes and that's where the Revlon Precision Dark Lash Adhesive comes in. I cannot tell you how much I hate the glue that comes with the eylure lashes, it's just white which never fully dries clear and goes gloopy! The reason why I love black eye lash glue is because when I was using clear, I would end up having to go over it to fill in the small gaps or to cover the glue but where as with the black glue, it's not needed as it does the trick for you! Genius..
As were on the subject of eye liner, I'll mention that little Rimmel pot you can see in there. That is the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eye Liner in Black and I've been completely converted to gel over liquid! I explained all of that in my review which you can read here, although that opinion has slightly changed. I know what your thinking... Erm this is a favourites post and you're about to say how you dislike something... Well technically I'm telling you that gel liner is now my favourite, this Rimmel one is so intense on my eyes that it's scary! Like seriously, that stuff will not budge and I'm scared that makes it to too harsh on my eyes. I'll have to get some of that They're Real remover to get it off! 
Last but of course not least we have the Rimmel London Wonderfull Macara. I love love love this stuff. The difference it has made to my lashes is so crazy, I'll have to buy it again. I find that I can't fault this product. The brush head is perfect for separation but making your lashes look fuller, the product itself has been pleasant to use with no fall out and it holds a curl! I did a whole review in how I basically think it's there tits and you can see that here

Leave me all of your Monthly Favourites links down below :)