Sunday, 28 September 2014

My Patient Wish List #2

This seemed to be a rather popular post when I posted my first Patient Wish List so I thought, why not give it another go? If your like what the hell is this bird going on about, then check back to my old post to know what im going on about properly but in short, I'm basically making a wishlist that I have to wait to buy. Money doesn't grow on trees so I like to save for a while then have a little splurge on a few luxuries because its important to know that they are luxuries, they don't come easily and I work hard to get them!
Moving on..

I've never owned anything from Becca and I have a feeling that this will end up on my New York shopping list that will pop up start of next year (eager beaver) but still its definitly something I would like to get once I have saved up. Its just such a beautifull colour and I have heard so many people rave about it so its definitly something that I want to get my hands on to see what the hype is about!

I've been looking for a purse for a while now as mine is getting a little tatty and the card holder sections are all streched which means my cards fall out! I'm not risking loosing my Boots card so it's time for new one. This is such a cute purse and I love the stiching around the edge, gives it a great finish. Everyone loves a little Ted Baker, the finish on thier items are truly attention to detail yet can still be a within your price range treat. I have a coat from Ted Baker and its amazing so I'm hoping that the trend continues with this!

I've always wanted some over the head ear phones as the in ear ones are just so uncomfortable and I seriously love the style of the Solo 2 as they're so sleek. I've heard good things about the Beats range but I didnt get them when they came out as I like to wait a few months for the reviews to come and for the brand to make any adjustments to the technology as these things always need changes after there realeases. The iPhone 6 for instance..
Another thing is how amazing is this blue colour? I love blue and this is the lushest royal blue colour ever!!

I've tried the white and the black GlamGlow masks and I wasnt overly impressed. The white one definitly did more than the black one but i still felt like my Lush Mask Of Magniminty did more and the price difference is huge so I didnt bothering repurchasing. BUT, I've heard amazing things about this mask as the hydration within it can completly transform your skin and when your skin looks more plummed and hydrated it can make your look like new! Its just one of those things, where I need to know for myself, whether its going to cost me £49 or not... 

I smelt this little beauty in the latest edition of ELLE magazine and it is AMAZING. The one thing I will always splash out on is fragrance and its always a premium brand. I really dont want to sound like a snooty person but I can really tell between a celebrity or cheap fragrance and a designer one. I think that a good perfume can really make you known when you walk into a room and this is a beautiful fragrance. I even got a little spray of it in boots and kept it as it smells so good. Its a very deep and bold perfume so if you like that then go give it a whiff.

If you follow me then you know I like to do a lot of eye looks and I have seriously realised the difference good tools make. As soon as I can, i'll be purchasing some good tools to make my eye shadow application go from okay to amazing! I think i'll pick some up when I go to New York as even though I really really want them, £19 and £21 for a brush is a little pricey.. but still I would really like to get some as I want to make my shadows look better! If any of you have some reviews of them then please leave them down below so I can have a little snoop!
Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Let me know if anyone has any of these items or whether they would be on your wish lists!

All of the photo credits are linked unless stated otherwise and the prices are as the website states at this time.


  1. That purse is everything :) I love the colour!!

    Serene xoxox

  2. Ahhh, this is a great post. I feel like sometimes we're just so conditioned to want everything NOW and its nice to hear someone talking about waiting and saving up...I mean sometimes you think bbloggers have all the money in the world, everyone always seems to have all the latest things. I really liked the idea of this :) x

    Sarah |