Sunday, 21 September 2014



So yesturday, me and Matt popped over to Northampton to have a late lunch/early dinner and after that I went into the mother ship (Boots). I needed lashes but of course I had a little peruse around the make up aisles. As I was eyeing up a another bottle of my L'Oreal True Match, I noticed what I can only be describe as a mess on my face. My eye brows looked like my niece had the last of one of her felt tip pens and had drawn over my eye brows. The fact that i even did that and went in public like it, made me extremely ashamed. I apologise to my fellow beauty bloggers, you deserve better from me! But yesturday, I have made a discovery that I have only noticed a few mentions before, in the beauty blogger world which seriously surprises me.
Obviously after seeing the shock horror that was on my face, I had to look for something new. I saw that L'Oreal do an eye  brow pencil but I didnt think that it would be much different to the Rimmel one I already have and I have also experimented with powders which don't really help me either. I then remembered that someone had mentioned about Soap and Glory doing eyebrow products. Off I trotted to the display that I know far too well and started riffling through the products. I didnt realise that they had two different types, one with a pencil and a spoolie and one with a pencil and a fine brush with a tint at the other end. I first picked up the spoolie one as it thought that it looked like the Anastia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz which i've been wanting for a long time but as I hadn't been getting much luck with the pencils, I thought it was time I tired something new. I was very very very sceptical as it was a browmergency and I needed a good fix!
Of course when I got home, I wiped off the monstrosities that were my eye brows and started to have a little play.

Oh. My. God. 

The little brush on the end of the pen, slowly gives out a tint and when it brushes along the brow hairs it makes each hair look thicker and darker which gives you suchs a natural brow. I use the brush end first to get a natural brow then I use the other end to define the brow and give it some structure. I am literally so impressed by this product, I will be buying more just incase they discontinue it as I don't think I can live without it!! It's a very buildable product so you can achieve a fine brow or a more fuller borw, which ever you decide!
As far as I saw, there were only two colours avalible, this one and a lighter one, but there could be more but I dont know! That could be the only down fall for some people but I personally didnt see it as an issue as I found that the colour seems quite universal.

Has anyone else used this? Let me know in the comments below :)


  1. This is my favourite eyebrow product ever, it never fails me! Two products in one, so handy!x

  2. I've never tried it but I have seen it being mentioned a good few times, but probably nowhere near as much as it should be. I'll definitely check it out next time x

    Beauty with charm

  3. Really wanna try this eyebrow pencil. Was torn between this and the sleek one and went for Sleek, which I'm really enjoying. But will try S&G next. x | Instagram

  4. I've never even heard of this but it looks pretty cool.
    Bright Shiny Day

  5. I absolutely love this. One of the best brow products I've tried.


  6. This looks interesting - my only reservation is it looks quite a reddish brown and although I'm brunette my brows aren't that warm. I'll have to head to Boots for a play!

  7. this is one of my fav brow product! love it

  8. I keep meaning to try this out! It looks amazing! Danielle xx

  9. Love love love this product!! Loving your blog too! X