Sunday, 31 August 2014

Review | Bourjois Paris Délice De Poudre Duo

I really am attracted to products that achieve more than one thing in a product, hence my love of the Urban Decay Flushed Palette as everything is possible with that bad boy!
This is relatively new from Bourijois, I'm unsure when it came out but when I saw it, I was so intrigued by it that I had to have it. 
I've really been into multi purpose products lately as when you're going away, it's best to keep the make up case to a minimum as you don't want to take a lot of luggage with you. 
First off I want to comment that I don't think that it smells like chocolate... There's definitely a smell but I don't get the chocolate smell! I like it nether the less but I just wanted to put that out there! I do I think that the Bronzer is a great colour though, it reminds me of Rimmel London's Natural Bronzer 022 Sun Bronze which is a lovely tan colour, not muddy at all which is quite an all round natural colour that matches a lot of skin tones. 
The highlighter comes off lovely on the brush and transfers brilliantly on the skin but when I tried to swatch it with my finger, it didn't come off as nice as I would have hoped, hense the poor swatch in the picture. The highlighter is a champagne shade which really compliments the Bronzer beautifully. Neither of the powders come off chalky, they are both very soft in texture which makes them blendable and i cannot not tell you how much I love finding a good high street product that can rival high end ones that are 3x the price. 
I think the only downside to this is the size. I can fit my contour and highlighter brush into it but that's because they have relatively small heads on them. If someone wants to get an all over bronze colour then it'll be difficult as you can't fit a big brush in there which is a shame. I think that the packaging is cute though, very unique and when you start accumulating such a large collection like myself, it's nice to have something different in there! 
This duo is £7.99 and considering you're getting two products in one packaging, it makes it an even bigger bargain and lets be honest, who doesn't love an absolute bargain.

If anyone has this in their collection then I would love to see their review on it!

Review | Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Normally, if i have to use eye liner (which isn't often) I will just use a liquid one as its just the first thing to hand. I don't use eye liner a lot because my current one can slightly sting my eye lid as I have such sensitive lids and it can become very uncomfortable when it drys so naturally, when I saw this on discount I knew I had to pick it up to try something new.
I assume, correct me if I'm wrong but I think that this came along when the Scandaleyes mascara came out which is strange that I've never noticed it because I have the mascara which I think is great.
There are definitely pros and cons of this product but overall I think that for my first gel eye liner, its pretty good. The product is a very pigmented, it doesn't dry to a lighter shade of black and stays very dark which I've found can happen which some liners. When it comes to the application, it really is so much easier than liquid liner as its not messy at all and leaves an effortless line BUT the brush is not made for a cat eye. If you're someone who is into just a line across the lashes then the brush will work fine but its no good if you want to achieve a thin stroke against the lash line or a flick as its not angled and is just too thick to create a thin line above the lashes. I use a small angled brush of my own to make a winged out liner as it's a lot easier. It's always so strange when cosmetic companies put brushes with cosmetics that don't even apply the make up properly, surely they know what brushes they use to get a good finish?!
Like I said before, the finish on this liner is good and it seems so weightless on my eye lids which is great because when you have lashes and glue on then it can get quite heavy.
Now this liner says it's 24 hour and believe me, that product is not going to budge. I used two different types of eye make up removers, a cleanser and a face wash and there was still some left in my lash line. Now that's impressive! I like the fact that it doesn't move because when you're applying lashes, the glue can sometimes affect the liner if you've not had a lot of practise at it although having to use all of those and it still not moving isn't exactly gentle on your eyes. 
Overall for the price of £6.99 it's a good price for a liner that's comfortable to wear, lasting black colour and especially good if you're pulling an all nighter as it's not going to move. 

Has anyone else tried it?! 

Monday, 25 August 2014

My Patient Wish List

I know you're probably thinking what the hell is she going on about but the reason why i've called this a patient wish list is because a lot of the time if I want to get something more on the pricier side, I put money aside and built it up to buy a couple of things so it feels like I've had a huge treat and at the same time, for me personally, I need that patience in my life else I would just become OTT and start buying so much all the time and I wouldn't have time to appreciate. It's important to me to appreciate what I can buy, like everyone else should because there are people in this world that can't afford these things, so its important to know how lucky you are!
Moving on, here is my wish list!

Make Up Geek Eye Shadows $5.99 Per Pan
I have been wanting Make Up Geek shadows for so long, the only reason I haven't purchased any is because I like to see the make up in front of me when I buy it. I like to know the pigmentation, colour and texture of the make up I buy but I'm going to bite the bullet and trust everyones opinions on them as they're obviously great. As they're from a website, its just easier to get all of them in one go rather than a couple at time.
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Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette - Uptown Girl and The Vintage Vamp £38 Each
I don't really need to give an explanation do I. Everything from the packaging to the colours, is just pure perfection. The colours Charlotte puts together in her Luxury Palettes are just everything and I would love to have them in my collection. I've never had anything from the Charlotte Tilbury brand but I've heard nothing but good things about it so I'd like to see what all the fuss is about!
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Kate Spade Le Pavillion iPad Mini Folio $65
Ive been after a new iPad case for sometime now as my one has broken and I am not after a folding one instead of a back case. I really love this ones from Kate Spade as I really love the little logo on the bottom and that the inside is pink! Im not normally into pink but sometimes I need a little in my life. I seriously love polka dots, I always have done so this will be a great case to have for my iPad. Also, I'd love to try something from Kate Spade.
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Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit - $40 
Id like to make my own kit up from her new collection of refill pans available but Vanilla is out of stock at the minute so I will wait as its a shade I'd like to have in my palette. Its definitely a staple piece I would love to have in my collection as its just so sleek and versatile. The palette isn't just for one look, you can create different shades of contouring depending on the look you're going for so its a very unique product that I think is worth the splurge.
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Tom Ford Cheek Colour - Fantic Pink £46
I've always wanted something from Tom Ford but I could never decide on what until I saw this beautiful shade of blush. I have a lot of lipsticks and base products but not a lot of blushers so I wanted to get a Tom Ford one because its something different and unique in my collection. The shade it such a beautiful pink colour so it'll give a pretty glow to the cheeks. If i ever dare to use it thought, that TF looks so good!
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Pandora Delicate Bow Ring £40
I already have a Pandora ring and I lost one of my other rings a few months back so I thought it was about time I got another one. My current one is the White Enamel Twist Ring which is a thin twisted shape band so I thought that this would look lovely to stack on top of it. I like to have a little touch of prettiness on me and this bow ring is so cute! Knowing me I will end up changing my mind in the store, I'll end up picking 3 and not deciding..
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Does anyone else have something they would like to get?! Let me know!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

5 Quick Fixes For Beauty Newbies

Me and my BMA (best mate always for you that aren't down with the cool kid lingo) were sat at dinner last week and she came up with an idea for a post. We were talking about the little tricks to solve those beauty blunders that newbies in the make up world come across and she picked five for me to share. So this is a post dedicated to Miss Katie Day aka Squidgy Squish. 

Mascara Spots
You know when you've just done your eye shadow and its looking like something Jaclyn Hill could of achieved herself, then you put on your mascara for the finished look and the end of your wet lashes or the wet brush touches your creation. Fuming is probably the only way to describe it but don't worry and don't pick up a cotton bud. People always wipe it off with a cotton bud and it just leaves a dent in your make up which is not cool. What you want to do is way for it to dry, pick up a clean make up brush and buff it off. No more marks and no effect on the make up!

Gravy Line
You're all like what the hell? Well they build up of foundation around your jaw line is called a 'Gravy Line' by my good friend Katie as she thinks it looks like the line when gravy has dried around the edge when its been sat there for a while. WHAT?! I know, but you have to love her. We all know to drag our foundation down onto our neck but to help you remember, apply a spot on your neck so you don't forget to buff it in. Also, if your foundation is slightly too dark, just drag it down your neck and on your chest to make everything look a bit more even. Im talking a shade too dark though... not like a you're Ivory and you're trying to pull of Deep Caramel.. 

Eyebrow Equation
They say that brows are sisters, not twins but thats on the shape and were talking very slight difference not dramatically obvious. A lot of people don't know how long eye brows should actually be which is quite worrying. An easy way to know is by holding a long brush and holding it straight up along your nose so it passes your tear duct, when its at the height of your brow that's where it should start. To know where it should finish, you take the brush resting on the side of your nose, angle it so it passes to the outer corner of your eye and the end of your brow should finish on the line of the brush. Its simpler than it sounds, trust me.

Dark Under Eyes
Contouring has become so big lately that people don't realise that putting a light concealer under your eyes will brighten up your eye area but won't actually cover up those dark circles you have because of that late night last night. The best way to disguise those is buy applying a salmon or pinky/peach coloured concealer under your eyes as that actually counteracts the dark colour, then you can apply your eye brightening concealer.

Contain Messy Eyeshadow
Smokey eyes aren't easy and they can go everywhere very quickly. Although you may think that smokey eyes aren't contained, they actually are. First of all, I would advise doing the shadows before face make up so you can brush away fall out. Second of all, get a piece of Sellotape, put it on the back of your hand and peel it off to get rid of the stickiness then apply it along the outer eye up to the end of your brows. Now, you can go as messy as you like with that outer edge because once you peel off the Sellotape, you are left with a nice crisp line to buff out. Voila! 

Let me know if you know any other quick fixes!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Review | Urban Decay Flushed Palette

This post starts off with a little confession, I have never owned anything from Urban Decay till now.. With the Naked palettes being so popular, it does come as a surprise, I know but I'm sorry, I just don't want to follow the crowd and have all of them! I think I will one day own the Naked one and the Naked three, but definitely not the Basics palettes and they're nothing special or the Naked 2 as it's to much like number one! Anyway, I felt like I was missing out of sometching special by not owning anything from the brand so I decided to take the plunge and purchase something that I don't already have within my make up collection. The Urban Decay Flushed Palettes are compacts with a Bronzer, Highlighter and a Blush in one block which instantly intrigued me as I saw it as being so handy as it's all in one place and at the same time, Urban Decay has taken time to make 3 products that blend really well and compliment each other, making the skin look stunning. In each one of the 4 palettes available, they have chosen 3 colours that compliment each other really well which I think can be difficult to get it right but they cracked it! 
I have to give it to UD, everything from the box it came in to the compact with a large mirror, is stunning! I don't see how anyone can say that their packaging on all of their Naked range isn't attractive. I picked this up on as I got 15% off so it was originally around £22 but I got it for £18.70 which isn't a lot but every little helps in the words of Tesco.
There a four different Flushed Palette shades, Streak, Strip, Naked and Native. When I'm buying something online, I tend to do some good research first on the shades that are avalible as I don't want to purchase the wrong colour so I tend to go onto a few blogs that may have reviews and swatches to get a good decision on which one I want. It was a toss up between Streak and Strip but in the end I choose Streak as I liked the colour of the blush a lot. I'll be getting Strip soon though.. 
If you've seen me mention the L'Oreal Glam Bronze Bronzer then you would know that the texture is so soft and blendable which is amazing and the texture of these powders are exactly the same. Everything is so blendable and easy to wear so if you are someone who doesn't want a lot of make up then this is pretty ideal as it's 3 in 1. The Bronzer is a a lovely tan colour, which can look slightly orange toned but doesn't come off that way at all and it also has a slight gold shimmer in it which I know it's popular amoung many but it doesn't bother me so much. The Highlighter is a champagne colour with a pink shimmer undertone in it which I find works well on the cheek bones but also over blush which I was loving over the summer for a great glow. Last but not least is the Blusher which has the same soft texture as the other two so it's so easy to blend. It is quite a rosey pink colour and it's one of the reasons I pick it up because I thought that it would be great with the cooler weather coming up as it's time for the warmer make up! (Yay) 
Like the Naked eye shadow palettes, I think that these are great collectable pieces to have in anyone's collection or even if you just want one for when you travel as the mirror is a great size so it's really handy and you have 3 key powders in one palette. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Review | Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara

I recently picked this up the same time as I picked up the Maybelline Instant Fatigue Eraser which you can see the review for here.
This is a new invention by the brainiacs over at Rimmel London that was launched a few weeks back. The background behind this mascara is that it has argan oil infused into the formula, conditioning the lashes, making the formula lighter and clump free. When i did my research on this product I noticed it said it was lightweight. I personally thought, why would that make a difference? But you will seriously be surprised the difference it makes when your mascara isn't weighing your lashes down.
The packaging overall is lush, it coordinates with the colour of argan oil by being a lovely copper colour and the shape is comfortable to hold in your hand when applying the mascara. The brush is a wider oval shape and has small evenly spaced bristles around it so it gives you a really even fanned out effect to your lashes, which of course is the The brush head also has some flexibility to it so it really gets in there to comb the lashes up meaning that the brush isn't tugging on them. I have been using it for over a week now to really test it out and the thing that has impressed me the most is that I normally find it hard to find a 'clump free' mascara that actually is clump free but finally, I think that I may have found one! The amount of product that comes out on the brush is the perfect amount for a clump free and buildable application. I was so impressed!
I feel like mascara is such a personal thing, what may work for one person, doesn't work for others like many cosmetics but I think that this mascara actually has the potential to be big as it has so many good factors about it. Its not like me but I found it hard to fault this as from the application being light and buildable to the finish being lovely thick fanned out lashes, of course love it! Who doesn't want long natural looking lashes!
This is actually on at Boots at the minute for £2 off so its only £5.99 which I think is actually amazing for something that is really going to make a difference to your lash life. 

Has anyone else tried it?!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Review | Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur

I posted this on Instagram last week and it seems that no one has found this yet. To be fair, I'm not surprised as Maybelline didn't exactly make a big deal out of it like they did the pore eraser, but still, I found it!
This is another edition to the 'baby' line that Maybelline has come out with along with the Baby Lips and the Baby Skin Pore Eraser. The Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur is designed to smooth your skins texture, slightly blur it to give it a even tone tone as well as brighting the skin to make it look refreshed and revitalised. This product comes in two different shade, Warm Apricot and Cool Rose. Now I don't know a lot about the reasons behind the two different shades but I would imagine that the Apricot tone would be for more warmer skin tones and more tanned skin and the rose coloured one is for cooler skin tones. Seems blatantly obvious but still.
I didn't take a whiff of the Warm Apricot so I can't comment on that one but the Cool Rose isn't exactly rose scented.. I know what roses smell like and its definitely not a rose smell.. In all honesty, I don't enjoy the smell of it, I don't think its terrible as it doesn't hang around so its not a major issue but that could definitely be an improvement.
The texture is incredibly light and when you blend it into the skin, you can definitely feel a difference in texture as your skin goes so soft so I can definitely agree with point where it says that it smooths out the skins texture. Unfortunatly, thats the only thing I can agree with. I have tried this over the basis of about a week as I like to try out skin products over a few days so I can get better decision on it. I have quite a bit of pigmentation on my skin and I have an uneven skin tone so I do look for a primer that helps even out my complexion before applying my foundation but this made no difference to my skin's complexion. I saw no difference in my skin after applying this which was slightly disappointing as I was expecting better things from it. My skin was supposed to look considerably better as they say you can wear it without foundation but I personally wouldn't as it made no difference to my skin. Overall, I think that if you're after a smooth base for foundation, it's a great product as I definitely saw a difference but as for making any difference to my complexion, it didn't prove to be what I expected. Sorry guys! 

Has any body else tried this? Let me know. 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Top Ten Tag

So I was thinking that I would start a Tag (obviously). Nothing complicated, nothing that will take you hours but can actually be helpful to everyone else if they want to know a little about your favorites. If you have reviewed one of your answers then tag that in there too so everyone can see more of an in depth review.

The Tag basically consists of the Top Ten Beauty products you can't live without. If you were going away and you could only take one item from each category then this is where the pressure is on to choose!

Copy and Paste everything in Bold
This Tag was made by Jessica Vannan at Pretty Chit Chat 
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I think mine has to be the L'Oreal Lumi Foundation as its just such good coverage. It makes my skin look dewy and glowing which is something I want all year round.

2. Powder
My Ambient Lighting Palette by Hourglass as to be the one! Its perfect as it has 3 different powders in and they just make any tone of skin look flawless. I have a review on it here.

3. Concealer
It has to be the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. Its a great concealer for staying power and its one of the very few that doesn't crease under my eyes. I would choose the Maybelline Eye Easer but its a little to dark for me and the colour range isn't that good!

4. Blush
Hands down, Milani Baked Blush in Luminiso.. It is just perfect for that bright glowing look to your face. Although its not easy to get hold of in the UK I would recommend it to anyone if they could get their hands on it.

5. Bronzer
I love Nars Laguna but I actually think that L'Oreal Glam Bronze is better?! The formula is to cream and blendable which is perfect for using it as a slight contour too. Its also a faction of the price of Nars Laguna so surely that instantly makes it a winner?

6. Highlighter
Its an oldie but a goodie, MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle wins this one as it is just such a great product. I've had it since March and it doesn't even look like its been touched. It's a great buildable highlight, not too harsh unless you want it to be.

7. Mascara
No7 Exceptional Definition mascara has been my ultimate fave and has been for a long time. The brush is thin but has a lot of bristles on which are really good at separating my lashes.

8. Eye Shadow
Its surprising but the best eye shadows i've found are the Make Up Academy palettes. They are so cheap and they colour pay of and transfer is so good, they are so worth purchasing! I have nearly all of them..

9. Brows
I go back and forth with brow products but I have to say that the Rimmel eye brow pencil wins every time. Yes the colour selection is poor but they are just so handy and they last for ages!

10. Lip Product
This one was a difficult one but I have to choose the one of the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks as they are so moisturizing on the lips and the colour pay off is great! 

I hope you enjoy this tag and check out the tagged peoples posts!