Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Review | Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara

I recently picked this up the same time as I picked up the Maybelline Instant Fatigue Eraser which you can see the review for here.
This is a new invention by the brainiacs over at Rimmel London that was launched a few weeks back. The background behind this mascara is that it has argan oil infused into the formula, conditioning the lashes, making the formula lighter and clump free. When i did my research on this product I noticed it said it was lightweight. I personally thought, why would that make a difference? But you will seriously be surprised the difference it makes when your mascara isn't weighing your lashes down.
The packaging overall is lush, it coordinates with the colour of argan oil by being a lovely copper colour and the shape is comfortable to hold in your hand when applying the mascara. The brush is a wider oval shape and has small evenly spaced bristles around it so it gives you a really even fanned out effect to your lashes, which of course is the The brush head also has some flexibility to it so it really gets in there to comb the lashes up meaning that the brush isn't tugging on them. I have been using it for over a week now to really test it out and the thing that has impressed me the most is that I normally find it hard to find a 'clump free' mascara that actually is clump free but finally, I think that I may have found one! The amount of product that comes out on the brush is the perfect amount for a clump free and buildable application. I was so impressed!
I feel like mascara is such a personal thing, what may work for one person, doesn't work for others like many cosmetics but I think that this mascara actually has the potential to be big as it has so many good factors about it. Its not like me but I found it hard to fault this as from the application being light and buildable to the finish being lovely thick fanned out lashes, of course love it! Who doesn't want long natural looking lashes!
This is actually on at Boots at the minute for £2 off so its only £5.99 which I think is actually amazing for something that is really going to make a difference to your lash life. 

Has anyone else tried it?!


  1. Using Argan Oil is such a fabulous idea! I'll look out for this :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. Oh sounds fab! I love argan oil for my hair so I must try this out too! Great review :) x

  3. I have tried this and I just can't get it too apply right :( it feels nice and give my lashes a naturally full look but just doesn't last. Not giving up on it yet though :p xx

    1. oh no! thats a shame, I thought it was good at lasting, maybe ill have to keep a closer eye on it to check!xx

  4. I've heard so many negative reviews with this but I absolutely loved it I feel like if you clean of excess there's no clumping I have naturally long lashes so don't have to build and build maybe that's why I like this but yeah :) I like the marketing with this as well :) xx

  5. I like the packaging, which wins it points! Rimmel have had some good mascaras, but they're generally not volumising enough for my taste. How does this stack up against the Bourjois 1 Seconde, anyone tried both? xx

    Sarah |

  6. I've only heard great things about this mascara lately and I'm definitely intrigued about the fact that it contains argan oil. I think a Boots purchase is in order soon especially with the offer going on x

    Beauty with charm

  7. i'm so intrigued about this product as i use organ oil too and it makes my fro look and feel smooth!