Monday, 30 June 2014

What's In My Bag?

          This is my Michael Kors handbag and the contents (obviously). I love my hand bag! Courtesy of my wonderful boyfriend for my 20th birthday. Its the perfect bag for every day and as the colour is black, it goes with everything. I just love the shape and the style which is lush!

Hair Brush 
Carex Hand Sanitser
Dove Deodrant
BH Cosmetics Powder Brush
Maybeline Fit Me powder compact
Vaseline Lip Balm
Giorgio Armani Diamonds Rose
Bourjois Lipstick 
Two Maybeline Lipsticks
Rimmel Scandalise
Smashbox Lipgloss
Hair Bands
Robinson's 'Squashed'
Purse (Accessorise)
USB cable
another Robinson's 'Squashed'
and a box of Matt's business cards!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Helpful Morning Routine Tips!

I am sooooooooo lazy. Sometimes at 7:30 in the morning, having perfect make up and good looking hair is one of the last things Im thinking about when my bed is calling my name. I needed to come up with a routine that keeps it quick and easy but looks like I've really put some sort of effort into it. That's why I have decided to compile some tips for maximum affect with minimum input to share with all of you guys. After all, less is more right?

1. Eye shadow doesn't have to be a huge chore, choose something that gives a great pay off but is quick and easy. The By Terry Ombre Blackstar cream eye shadow sticks are perfect for a maximum effect as they are very blendable and have a great colour range. If you don't want to spend that sort of money then Elf do great ones that come with a liner on the other end. Handy!

2. Popping a bit of blush on can make a whole lot of difference! It really doesn't take that long and can make the look more put together. I actually find the MUA blushes quite handy as they are quite pigmented and they are perfect to pop in little make up bags.

3. Highlighter can make the dullest of complexions glow so its important to use this even in the quickest of looks. I love MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle, if you don't have it then you seriously should!!

4. Putting something on your lips will of course add to your look. Don't worry about the bright lipstick and having to put up with the lip liner and so forth, pop on a light colour with a gloss in it! Pick up one of the Maybeline Colour Sensationals Nude range, great pigmentation with a nice shine to them.

5. I NEVER bother with my hair because its not at a great length but I realised that good hair, really compliments your make up. Adding a braid, a french plait or even a fish tail plait that are super quick and easy can make a look more put together, everyone else thinks that they are difficult!

6. Contouring takes time, so when you buy your every day foundation, pick up a your normal shade and then one darker to apply at the bottom of your cheeks and around your temples to give you a more defined look. But please BLEND!

7. Don't worry about eye brow powders, stick to something really quick and easy like Benefit Gimme Brow, few coats of that over the brow hairs can give you instant definition! 

8. Just because you had a late night, doesn't mean that your eyes should be telling the story! Instead of thinking about a highlighting shadow in the corners of your eyes, add a smidgen of fair concealer in there to give those peepers a brighter look.

Let me know if you have great tips for easy make up!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette

I wanted to think of a cool title for this post but let's be honest, if you know anything about make up, you know that this is the bomb and no cool title would do it justice. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Pallete was originally brought out in 2013 for a limited editon Christmas range but it was so popular that they brought it back as apart of their permenant range. These powders are Paraben, talc and fragrance free and they are designed to blur imperfections, wrinkles and pores on the skin, soften and diffuse the light that hits the skin and brighten the appearance. Bee's knee's of powders right?! 

There are 3 shades in this palette, Dim Light, Incandescent Light (limited edition to the palette) and Radiant Light. Although the powders look like they wouldn't suite everyone, they are universal so they blend into your natural skin tone leaving it looking flawless.

Dim Light
This is a very neutral toned shade with a peachy undertone to balance out the cool and warm tones in anyones skin. This helps to blur the imperfections on your skin.

Incandescent Light
This is a beautiful pearlescent under toned powder that is perfect for highlighting the cheekbones and brow bones. Only exclusive to the palette. 

Radiant Light
This is a subtle warm colour to give you that sun kissed look all over but still diffusing the light that hits the skin.

This was £56 from Space NK. Yes, a little pricey but the way I think about, it is going to last a me a really long time and its pretty... I don't need an excuse! Sub credit to Matt for purchasing me this wonderful gift! 

What are all of your thoughts?! I am a little late on the hype but I don't like to follow the crowd!
Let me know in the comments below.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

What? You've Never Owned a MAC Lipstick?

Most of you will probably be like, I'm sorry what? your first one? are you okay... but yes, I have never owned a MAC lipstick, until now!

If you have seen my last post, then you will know that Matt took me on a day out in London on Sunday. If you haven't seen the post then why not?! but here it is. I was never actually planning to buy anything but I saw a few shops that I just could resist! If you know me then you'll know that in not a huge lip product person but recently I've had the urge to delve into the world of lipsticks which is how this purchase came about. I had done my research before hand as I didn't want to go into the MAC store completely clueless and end up with a lipstick that was way too much for me to handle, I needed to be eased in slowly. We went into the store and I started to swatch a few shades. I was after a light lipstick in a pinky nude to add a slight sign of colour and with a sheen finish, not matte but nothing too glossy. 

Im not going to lie, it was a very hard choice and because of that hard choice, I have now complied a MAC Lipstick Wishlist at the bottom..

The final decision was Politely Pink which is a Lusture finish. I cannot tell you how much I love this lipstick! It is literally everything I want in an every day nude.It is literally my lip shade but better. I love the finish, I love how buttery and soft it is on my lips and the smell is sooooooo good. Why have I never purchased one before! 

So, the love I feel for this lipstick has inspired me to compile a list of all the shade I would love to own, let me know if any of you recommend any others or what you think to my list!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Sunday Funday

Hello Lovlies!

So on Sunday, me and Matt (my boyfriend) decided that we were going to have a fun day out as he works so hard and never gets time to enjoy a day off. We origianally decided to go to the sea side but after having a late one saturday because of the football, we were too tired to spend 2 & half hours driving to the coast where it was going to be even more cold than what it was in land!
We got in the car, not really having a destination, when Matt all of a sudden said why don't we go to the Sea Life Centre in London? Of course I squealed with excitement and said yes, so off we went!

Sea Life Centre was so cool and so interesting to see where certain fishes were from and what animals were out there!

After that we just wondered into Covent Garden which was so lovely! Matt took me to a great shop that he likes called Size? and he purchased some new trainers. We then went into Space NK for the first time and Matt said he wanted to get me something as it was our sunday funday. Probably the hardest decision ever but I chose something that will last a long time, I wouldn't of brought it myself and something I've never had from that brand! I'm keeping it secret as i'm so excited to write a post about it. Once we had finished there, we decided that it was time to get some food and Matt wanted to take me to one of his favorite places but before we got there, I spotted the MAC store! I live in a small town and the closest place to shop for MAC is 40 minutes to a big shopping center and its a MAC counter in Debenhams. The struggle is real. You can only imagine how quickly I ran! Like the purchase before, I wanted to get something that I've never had from MAC but that's staying secret too!

After a lovely dinner, we just walked about and enjoyed the scenery really! Overall it was a great day and it was so lovely just to spend time with Matt. 
What did you guys get up to this weekend?

Friday, 13 June 2014

Summer Glowin'

So I was looking at my vanity and at all the make up that I have and there was a common factor among most of it. Glowing skin. I love to have my skin bright and glowing so I thought that I would share tips on how to get luminous skin and best products to use! Enjoy.

1. Prepare

You guys all know it by now, good skin equals good make up application. Getting a lot of blood circulation through your face helps to give a bright complexion. The best way I have found to achieve this is by using Sancutary Radiance Exfoliator. This is an incredibly gritty exfoliator that circulates the blood which gets rid of dull looking skin. I recently wrote a post on how to get bright eyes, check it out here. I apologise, I just used the last of mine up so I can't show you a picture!

2. Prime

Primer is key with me. I think that its so important to prepare your skin to make the make up look the best it can. Whether its minimising pores, evening out the complexion or enhancing a natural glow, a primer is key to a good base. For glowing skin, I have chosen the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer. This is a intense white primer that has light enriching powers to make your skin illuminate and glow.

3. Foundation

Flowing on with that primer, I think that the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation goes best. What a surprise?! I know it seems the blatant obvious that theses two would go hand in hand but I actually think that L'Oreal have done well in perfecting a range that purely focuses on giving the skin that luminescent look. The best way to apply this foundation is by a damp cosmetic sponge.

4. Blush

Giving that 'flushed' look to your cheeks can give you a happy glow. You want something that's light and subtle yet enough to give you a glow... the common factor in this post! I've choosen two blushes depending on what you are looking for. The first one is the Milani blush in Luminiso which is a beautiful light pink with a rose undertone and a light shimmer. This will give you that subtle flushed look, where as the second blush I have chosen is a Mac Mineralised Blush in Warm Soul which is a gorgeous tan colour with a pearl gold undertone to warm the face up without going all out with the Bronzer.

5. Highlighter

I personally think that a cream or liquid based highlighter adds more of a glowing affect than a powder as it's not dry so it gives you the dewyness on your cheek bones. I've chosen the Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand as it's so light and it's the perfect skin adapting shade so it just looks like you skin is glowing! Although it's in wand form, I pump a bit out onto the back of my hand and tap it on my cheekbones with fluffy blush that makes it blend out really well. Be warned, you have to be gentle with it!

6. Lipgloss

No lipstick, you want to keep it light!. I love the L'Oreal Glam Shine line. I think that they are perfect little glosses that have the right amount of pigmentation in to just for a slight hint of colour. The colour I think that is perfect for more of a natural look is Pink Moon (obsessed with the name) and I chose it because it isn't a shiney finish, it's more of a shimmer finish. Using a shimmer finish can really compliment a glowing look as a gloss can make it too much!

I just want to end this post with an apology for the over use of the word glow!

Let me know what you guys use to get that glowing look!

P.S. I hope you like the new look blog! Please let me know :)

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Just a few thoughts...

Hey pretties!

This is sort of random but it's something that I wanted to put out there. Food for thought if you like!
Lately, I've been feeling really happy. There are things I would like to change in my life but that doesn't mean I don't love the way my life is at the minute (I'm not trying to boast, stay with me here) and from that, I've been wanting to give out a lot of positive energy because I feel that when you are positive, things around you just work a lot better.
I want everyone to just have a think for a second and think about a time in your life where a stranger commented a positive about you.
I remember one time, I was in Pizza Hut with my boyfriend and one of the waitresses came up to me and commented on how she loved the way I had blended my eye shadow. Now that might sound silly to you, but I took my time that day to do my make up as it was a weekend and I don't get chance to do it properly during the week. That comment made me feel sooooooo good. For the rest of the day I just felt so happy! It made me feel so good knowing that a stranger had the courage to compliment me just to let me know something positive about myself. 
When I think about how I felt, it made me want to make other women feel the way I did that day. It's all about the little things in life which make a difference and I think that if you just try it for one day, giving out compliments to strangers, you could be surprised about the change you can make to someone's life.

There are people out there that think that they don't matter in this world and that they aren't good enough. This is just not true and you could make a real difference just by noticing them.
Treat people how you wish to be treated. 

I just wanted to share that little thought with you all and I hope you all decide to share some good feelings too. 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

May Favorites and a Grumble.

Hey Guys.

If you follow me on twitter (@prettychitchat) then you will know that I have been very busy throughout the month of May so that is why I've been missing from the blogging scene for a little bit. I'm going to do an amazing blog on my sisters wedding as it was truly amazing. I now officially want to get married!!! I'm still feeling the love from Saturday! In the meantime before that post, I thought that I would show you lovelies a few things I've been loving in May.

Maybeline Anti-Age the Easer Eye Concealer
I first purchased this at the end of April and as you can see, its been very well loved. You don't actually need a lot so that shows how much I've been loving it as its so low. I just think its so bendable and the colour matches your skin tone naturally. I've really been loving this concealer as I find it doesn't crease either! yay!

Aloe Vera Gel
So this is a little random but every since I suffered from bad sunburn a week or two ago, I have learnt the true power of Aloe Vera! I swear by it. I use it on my body and face! All I do, I when applying creams or body butters, I just add some Aloe Vera Gel in and I have definitely noticed the difference in texture and apperance in my skin. Would recommend adding it to your daily routine.

Statement Necklaces
I'm not that big on fashionable clothes.. for one, I look shocking in most outfits and because I am on the curvy side, not all styles suit me. So Im happy just being me in okay looking comfortable clothes. Lately though, I have noticed that my clothes are getting very monotone and as the summer is coming up, I thought that it was time for a pop of colour. I was scouting around for a while and reliased that it can become quite expensive for 2 statement necklaces, until I found some on eBay! Now although you have to wait FOREVER for them to come and you are taking a risk on the quality but the most I spent on a necklace was £5. The added bonus was, out of the 4 I got, they are all wearable so I was pleased. I feel like it really brings a good pop of colour to any outfit which is definitly what you need coming up to the warmer weather.

Vaseline Spray & Go
This is my absolute holy grail product. I cannot tell you, how much I hate moisturizing then getting into bed and having everything stick to me. Its the worst!!!!!! This product has seriously changed my life for the better. This instantly absorbs into the skin and its quick and easy to apply. I'm the worst at moisturizing but it seriously makes such a difference to your skin when you do so I use this to make sure that I never forget!

Now to the grumble...

Real Techniques Complexion Sponge
I've mentioned this in one of my last posts (10 Products: Must Haves & Not Worth Its) because I think that its just a bluddy good product!! I love working with this sponge, I think that it gives your foundation a beautiful finish. But today, I started to use the second sponge that I purchased and I'm actually quite disappointed. I brought it from boots like I did the last one yet it may aswell be a cheap knock off. The second sponge (to the right) is a different texture, it doesn't bounce back, doesn't form the same shape and is a lot less spongey. It's no buggy but I think before I buy another one I will actually pay attention to the sponge in the packet. Just a warning ladies as I was quite disappointed because I've never had an issue with something from Real Techniques and I do really love the first one I had but next time I will definitely investigate before I buy!

Let me know what all your May Favourites are and if you have noticed this with any of your RT Sponges!