Wednesday, 4 June 2014

May Favorites and a Grumble.

Hey Guys.

If you follow me on twitter (@prettychitchat) then you will know that I have been very busy throughout the month of May so that is why I've been missing from the blogging scene for a little bit. I'm going to do an amazing blog on my sisters wedding as it was truly amazing. I now officially want to get married!!! I'm still feeling the love from Saturday! In the meantime before that post, I thought that I would show you lovelies a few things I've been loving in May.

Maybeline Anti-Age the Easer Eye Concealer
I first purchased this at the end of April and as you can see, its been very well loved. You don't actually need a lot so that shows how much I've been loving it as its so low. I just think its so bendable and the colour matches your skin tone naturally. I've really been loving this concealer as I find it doesn't crease either! yay!

Aloe Vera Gel
So this is a little random but every since I suffered from bad sunburn a week or two ago, I have learnt the true power of Aloe Vera! I swear by it. I use it on my body and face! All I do, I when applying creams or body butters, I just add some Aloe Vera Gel in and I have definitely noticed the difference in texture and apperance in my skin. Would recommend adding it to your daily routine.

Statement Necklaces
I'm not that big on fashionable clothes.. for one, I look shocking in most outfits and because I am on the curvy side, not all styles suit me. So Im happy just being me in okay looking comfortable clothes. Lately though, I have noticed that my clothes are getting very monotone and as the summer is coming up, I thought that it was time for a pop of colour. I was scouting around for a while and reliased that it can become quite expensive for 2 statement necklaces, until I found some on eBay! Now although you have to wait FOREVER for them to come and you are taking a risk on the quality but the most I spent on a necklace was £5. The added bonus was, out of the 4 I got, they are all wearable so I was pleased. I feel like it really brings a good pop of colour to any outfit which is definitly what you need coming up to the warmer weather.

Vaseline Spray & Go
This is my absolute holy grail product. I cannot tell you, how much I hate moisturizing then getting into bed and having everything stick to me. Its the worst!!!!!! This product has seriously changed my life for the better. This instantly absorbs into the skin and its quick and easy to apply. I'm the worst at moisturizing but it seriously makes such a difference to your skin when you do so I use this to make sure that I never forget!

Now to the grumble...

Real Techniques Complexion Sponge
I've mentioned this in one of my last posts (10 Products: Must Haves & Not Worth Its) because I think that its just a bluddy good product!! I love working with this sponge, I think that it gives your foundation a beautiful finish. But today, I started to use the second sponge that I purchased and I'm actually quite disappointed. I brought it from boots like I did the last one yet it may aswell be a cheap knock off. The second sponge (to the right) is a different texture, it doesn't bounce back, doesn't form the same shape and is a lot less spongey. It's no buggy but I think before I buy another one I will actually pay attention to the sponge in the packet. Just a warning ladies as I was quite disappointed because I've never had an issue with something from Real Techniques and I do really love the first one I had but next time I will definitely investigate before I buy!

Let me know what all your May Favourites are and if you have noticed this with any of your RT Sponges!


  1. Great faves! I want to try that spray and go stuff - seems so quick and easy :)

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Its amazing! I would recommend it to anyone! :)