Friday, 13 June 2014

Summer Glowin'

So I was looking at my vanity and at all the make up that I have and there was a common factor among most of it. Glowing skin. I love to have my skin bright and glowing so I thought that I would share tips on how to get luminous skin and best products to use! Enjoy.

1. Prepare

You guys all know it by now, good skin equals good make up application. Getting a lot of blood circulation through your face helps to give a bright complexion. The best way I have found to achieve this is by using Sancutary Radiance Exfoliator. This is an incredibly gritty exfoliator that circulates the blood which gets rid of dull looking skin. I recently wrote a post on how to get bright eyes, check it out here. I apologise, I just used the last of mine up so I can't show you a picture!

2. Prime

Primer is key with me. I think that its so important to prepare your skin to make the make up look the best it can. Whether its minimising pores, evening out the complexion or enhancing a natural glow, a primer is key to a good base. For glowing skin, I have chosen the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer. This is a intense white primer that has light enriching powers to make your skin illuminate and glow.

3. Foundation

Flowing on with that primer, I think that the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation goes best. What a surprise?! I know it seems the blatant obvious that theses two would go hand in hand but I actually think that L'Oreal have done well in perfecting a range that purely focuses on giving the skin that luminescent look. The best way to apply this foundation is by a damp cosmetic sponge.

4. Blush

Giving that 'flushed' look to your cheeks can give you a happy glow. You want something that's light and subtle yet enough to give you a glow... the common factor in this post! I've choosen two blushes depending on what you are looking for. The first one is the Milani blush in Luminiso which is a beautiful light pink with a rose undertone and a light shimmer. This will give you that subtle flushed look, where as the second blush I have chosen is a Mac Mineralised Blush in Warm Soul which is a gorgeous tan colour with a pearl gold undertone to warm the face up without going all out with the Bronzer.

5. Highlighter

I personally think that a cream or liquid based highlighter adds more of a glowing affect than a powder as it's not dry so it gives you the dewyness on your cheek bones. I've chosen the Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand as it's so light and it's the perfect skin adapting shade so it just looks like you skin is glowing! Although it's in wand form, I pump a bit out onto the back of my hand and tap it on my cheekbones with fluffy blush that makes it blend out really well. Be warned, you have to be gentle with it!

6. Lipgloss

No lipstick, you want to keep it light!. I love the L'Oreal Glam Shine line. I think that they are perfect little glosses that have the right amount of pigmentation in to just for a slight hint of colour. The colour I think that is perfect for more of a natural look is Pink Moon (obsessed with the name) and I chose it because it isn't a shiney finish, it's more of a shimmer finish. Using a shimmer finish can really compliment a glowing look as a gloss can make it too much!

I just want to end this post with an apology for the over use of the word glow!

Let me know what you guys use to get that glowing look!

P.S. I hope you like the new look blog! Please let me know :)


  1. Thanks for the tips! I'm very excited to start with summer makeup!

  2. Such great picks! I love that foundation too and would love to have luminoso!