Wednesday, 18 June 2014

What? You've Never Owned a MAC Lipstick?

Most of you will probably be like, I'm sorry what? your first one? are you okay... but yes, I have never owned a MAC lipstick, until now!

If you have seen my last post, then you will know that Matt took me on a day out in London on Sunday. If you haven't seen the post then why not?! but here it is. I was never actually planning to buy anything but I saw a few shops that I just could resist! If you know me then you'll know that in not a huge lip product person but recently I've had the urge to delve into the world of lipsticks which is how this purchase came about. I had done my research before hand as I didn't want to go into the MAC store completely clueless and end up with a lipstick that was way too much for me to handle, I needed to be eased in slowly. We went into the store and I started to swatch a few shades. I was after a light lipstick in a pinky nude to add a slight sign of colour and with a sheen finish, not matte but nothing too glossy. 

Im not going to lie, it was a very hard choice and because of that hard choice, I have now complied a MAC Lipstick Wishlist at the bottom..

The final decision was Politely Pink which is a Lusture finish. I cannot tell you how much I love this lipstick! It is literally everything I want in an every day nude.It is literally my lip shade but better. I love the finish, I love how buttery and soft it is on my lips and the smell is sooooooo good. Why have I never purchased one before! 

So, the love I feel for this lipstick has inspired me to compile a list of all the shade I would love to own, let me know if any of you recommend any others or what you think to my list!


  1. How exciting! There's nothing like your first MAC lipstick and just a word of warning you'll want more onwards from now!! Such a nice shade. I love your list.. I have Creme Cup and really like it. It's great for those days where you want to wear lipstick and have a bit of colour on your lips but just ever so subtle e.g. amazing for work, heavy eye make-up or uni, interviews etcccc! xxxx

  2. Haha I have also never owned a MAC lipstick! I have your problem with the selection being so poor in my hometown. Great shade tho �� x

  3. Omg brought my first mac lipstick last weekend and now need and want to buy more. X