Tuesday, 27 May 2014

TIPS: How To Get Bright Eyes

Hey lovelies.

I think that a bright eye can really make a difference to a look. If your looking tired, your eyes are the first things to show it. Here are just a few tips on how to get bright eyes.

1. A Cold Flannel
If your face or eye area is a little puffy, then before you go to bed at night, run a flannel under cold water, ring out and place over your face till it feels warm. Its is extremely calming and relaxing! It reduces puffyness and calms the eye area. It also helps to close pores up which is good to stop dirty getting in.

2. Chilled Eye Mask
I recently picked up another one of these along with a sleep mask. It has the same affect as the cold fannel but you can pop it in the fridge and rest it over your eyes to get bright sparkly eyes.

Please Note: With the above two, its best to do it without eye make on... there will be some seriously panda eyes if you don't!

3. Eye Drops

This one is definitely something of personal opinion as I know that some people can't stand the thought of putting anything in their eye but I feel that these have definitely helped me on the days where my eyes just look so tired and dull. They really brighten up my eyes and its a real quick fix!

4. Hydartion
The eye area is the only area that doesn't produce sweat which means that it can get very dehydrated very quickly which leaves the eye area looking very dull and dark. Applying a hydrating eye cream or even a hydrating facial cream if you don't want to fork out more money on an eye cream, can really help in the appearance of dark circles as massaging the cream into the skin also pumps the blood better around that area.

4. Mac Prolongwear Concealer 

This concealer is great for covering the dark circles around your eyes and it doesn't crease or set into the fine lines around the eye area. Choose a colour a shade lighter for around your eyes so they really stand out and give them a really bright under eye effect.

5. A Good Nights Sleep

I think this one is pretty obvious but you'll be surprised how a bad nights sleep can really affect the look of your eye area. It can leave it looking puffy, dark and very dull so make sure that you got to bed that bit earlier in order to look fresh in the mornings!

6. Mascara

A good mascara can really make your lashes look long and full of volume so it important to try a few different brands to find which mascara you like the most and which works the best with your eye lashes. Wearing mascara can really widen the eyes and draws more attention to them. 

7. Colours That Compliment Your Eye Colour 

This is something that not many people know so I found this on Google with Nars eye shadows so I thought it would help you all to find the right colours that will compliment your eye colour so your eyes stand out.

Let me know if you have any tips to achieving bright eyes!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

10 Products: The Must Haves and The Not Worth Its.

We've all been there. All of a sudden, there is this 'must have' product that everyone raves about that isn't exactly cheap but you go out and purchase it. It then gets to a month after using the 'holy grail' product and you find that it has made no different to your skin. How disappointing! I know that everyone's skin is different but I've stopped jumping on the hypes now as I just find people get brain washed as they 'think' its going to work because it did for everyone else. I know I sound quite mean but I'm just being honest! You will probably find that a lot of the products I mention are down to money because there is nothing more disappointing than spending £25 on one item and then finding out that a high street brand can do it better.. So i thought that I would share some products with you guys that I have actually been enjoying and some that just aren't worth your time!

1# La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

 Probably one of the biggest disappointments I have some across to be honest. The amount of love that people gave this product made me really want to go out and purchase it. I started using it at the end of march and to this day it has not reduced any of the blemishes and so forth that I have on the right side of my cheek and I have been using this mainly twice a day for nearly two months now. I think the consistency and the texture of this is great but as far as its abilities, it definitely doesn't do what it says on the tin.

2# Lush Mask of Magniminty & 3# GlamGlow
I put these two together as I got them both around the same time. I had hear so many good things about the GlamGlow masks that I really wanted them. At the same time I was in Lush and I picked up a small pot of the Mask of Magniminty as I heard good reviews about it too. I purchased a £60 gift box of two GlamGlow masks so I could try them both out and decide which one I preferred. All the things that everyone had been saying about them just did not happen with me. People said that from the first use they couldnt believe how good thier skin looked and so forth... after my 5th try with the masks, I definitely was not seeing these amazing result that everyone else was getting. Then I tried the Lush mask as straight away i was impressed! How does that work? I'm not sure but the Lush Mask of Magniminty mask is waaaaay better as its so much more cheaper and better value for money and it actually works! I think that if I could get the Blue Hydration GlamGlow mask it maybe different but for now, I am sticking to what I know works!

4# L'Oreal Magic Lumi Foundation

It is worth the hype! Its really stunning. I am yet to try the original L'Oreal True Match (I know what you're thinking) but this has seriously made me want to buck up my ideas and go and purchase it. The foundation gives such a fawless finish! I tend to apply it with a make up sponge as I personally feel like it brings out the glow within the foundation and really does leave my skin glowing. Thumbs Up!

#5 YSL Touché Éclat

I was rather excited to get this as it was my first YSL product. As soon as I applied this to my eye area, it was already sinking into the fine lines around my eyes which I could understand in a few hours but not with in 5 minutes! To add to the disapointment, the colour was poor in the first place. I got mine in Number 1 and it was just so pink. It was okay at covering the dark under eye colour but after a while it just looked pink which is not what you need! Would not say that its worth the £25!

#6 Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I am really loving this sponge, I have even brought a back up for when my current one dies I think its that good! Now I haven't tried the Beauty Blender but I love this make up sponge, I think that its a great invention and its actually really cheap as its only £6. Definitely worth it!

#7 Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

This and the YSL Touche Eclat are quite alike as they are both poor on the colour. I would say if i had to pick either, I would pick this one but this is just as disapointing. This product just really doesnt settle well on my skin which is annoying. I am still after a concelear that gives that brightening effect but the colours are all wrong. Im going to try the L'Oreal Lumi Concelear as i love the foundation so much I hope that the trend continues. If not itll be Mac Prep and Prime!

#8 Mac Fix Plus

This is definitively a product that needs to be in every girls make up bag. It is such a unique versatile product that can be used before make up for a primer, after make up for a setting spray and even for loose pigments and so forth. It should be in every persons make up bag! 

#9 Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Make Up
I was really looking forward to this as it was my first high end foundation! But after a while i realised that the only reason its 'Oxygen' is because of the way its pumped out. You can see that more air is in it than any other. Take that away and its like a good high street foundation! Not worth the £26.50 I paid for it thats for sure! Just because its expensive, doesn't mean that its worth it.

#10 Tangle Teezer

I hate brushing my hair. I cant stand it at the hair dressers, when someone else does it or when i do it. Always have done, until I heard about the Tangle Teezer. I did a little research first and i finally decided to buy one and i swear it has made a huge difference to my hair maintenacnce. I love it! I think that its a great invention, its so easy to work with and it truly has made me stop disliking brushing my hair. I think its that good that I use it on my 2 year old niece's hair as she has tight ringlet hair that is prone to knotting and tangles and she used to scream when having her hair brushed. Now its so easy to put her hair up in bunches! 

Let me know below what you think is worth the money and what really isn't!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Being a human is getting too complicated, time to be a unicorn.

Hello Lovlies!

Since watching many American Youtubers, I have really become addicted to the products that America has to offer. One of my faveourite vloggers, Nicole Guerrior is a sucker for pretty packaging as am I, so when i saw that she has Lime Crime Lipsticks, I of course had to get one. I mean, come on.... LOOK AT IT!
It is the prettiest purple colour with a hologram unicorn on it, prettiness as its finest!
If you look at the range, the colours are pretty firece and not for the faint hearted at all. I managed to bag myself Babette which I actually think has now been discontinued as I cant seem to find it anywhere... sorry! I purchased mine from an American website, beautyjoint.com which some of my fellow bloggers told me about a few weeks back that does international shipping at a very good rate.
On the sides of Pro's and Con's, I would definitely say that they're biggest Pro (apart from the amazeballs packaging) is the pigmentation in them. The colour pay off is extreme, one swipe and you can already see the intense colour which is perfect for the bold statement that these lipsticks make. The only Con I can say about these is I personally prefer a lipstick that glides on the lips and this is definitely not a glider. Its not a deal breaker and it may well be that I haven't tried it on enough for the product to loosen up a bit, but because it is a matte finish its not as smooth on the lips.

I think that this is one of those lipsticks that you may not always go to but you'll always love as its such a statement piece in your make up collection. I will always love it as the packaging and the colour is so pretty! I really want to get more!

Does anyone else have any Lime Crime?

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Met Gala 2014 - The Best, The Worst and The Bizarre.

Hey Lovlies.

So today I thought I would switch it up a little and do a little bit of a different blog post. Just before I make any comments on peoples dress sense, I am in no way saying that I have good dress sense because I know I don't! But these are a few of my opinions and I thought it would be fun! So here are my thoughts on the best and worst dressed at the 2014 Met Gala.

I'm in two minds with this Oscar de la Renta dress... I don't know if i like it or not and they say that with fashion, if you like it you will know instantly, if you can't decide then its not meant to be. Sarah Jessica Parker has always been huge in the fashion industry but it doesn't necessarily mean that its a good thing. I think that she has pulled better outfits out the bag than this one. Sorry SJP!

This is every inch perfection. The silhouette on this dress is just every bit stunning. The black and white obiviously go perfectly but the whole cut on this dress has done wonders for her shape! Hailee Steinfeld is only 17 but she oozes maturity and sofistication in this gown. It's the perfect mix of modern with this neckline but then still Met appropriate with the beautiful A line shape skirt. Thumbs up!

The who ever says 'less is more' is completely correct when it comes to this dusty pink gown. Rachel McAdams looked effortlessly chic in her Ralph Lauren gown, teamed with subtle make up and minimal jewellery. She really got it on point and espically with her light skin tone, it really compliments her skin.

I'm really not sure what Zoe Saldana was thinking with this gown.. Whats worse is that this was designed by the one and only Michael Kors which is even more disapointing! The shape is just all wrong! I think that if you removed that odd piece of elastic holding in the middle section of the skirt and made it all black or all of that pattern then it would have been okay. I just don't understand!

I think that Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley has made a very risky move that has paid off well with this outfit. Yes I am a little disapointed that shes not in a gown but I think the colour and the style looks so good on her so its got to be a winner. These are the the fashion risks worth taking and I think that she looks stunning in this dress.

Sandra Lee was obviously channeling her inner Cinderella in this dress. In fact, if Cinderella were real, she would probably turn down the offer to borrow this gown. I'm not sure that she got the invitation right, its the Met Gala, not a Disney bride dress up contest! I'm sorry but seriously? This is awful and there are no words!

I am and probably always will be a Kardashian fan. Judge me if you wish, I'll still love them! Kim Kardashian has done well with this gown. I think it really is stunning and after last years humiliating attempt in that floral gown, I think that she has actually pulled back her dignity and she deserves a round of applause! This midnight blue gown by Lanvin suited her curvy figure perfectly by clinching in at the waste with a simple black belt. I think she could have gone a little further with the hair but other than that, shes done well!

I really love Kate Upton but this just so disappointing. This dress was made by D&G and like I said with the Michael Kors gown, its disappointing to see such a well respected designer come out this such a poor design. Along with the head dress, its just a disaster from start to finish and I thought that she would have better sense than to wear something that looks like its underwear in the victorian times.

Lupita Nyong'o has made a some great fashion statements since her film debut last year but this is definitely not something i expected from her. I think that the colour is fabulous on her and it seriously compliments her skin but the style was a risk that I think didn't pay off. I liked it when she was keeping it much more simpler and if this dress had less netting and no feathers then it would have been okay but i think she took it too far!

When I first looked at this dress, I thought that it was a dusty pink colour but once I actually looked it has light blue patches which I really like.I love the cut and shape of the gown, its classic but then with these colours that are on the dress, I feel like its gives it a slightly qwerky look to it which I really like! I think that Hayden Panettiere looks very pretty in this gown!

Victoria Beckham does it again with her keen eye for fashion.This gown from her own line is crisp clean and every bit elegant. Teamed with some simple jewellery and simple hair, she really deserves the crown for stylish yet minimal. Victoria really knows how to design a gown and will make us eager to see more of her designs.

A lot of you will probably swoon over Beyonce because its Beyonce and i can see why because she is fierce but I'm just not feeling it in this outfit. We all know how capable she is after dropping a whole album on us without warning and it still selling out but this dress doesn't say Beyonce. I feel like she could have done more! I still think she's the bee's knee's though!

Jessica Alba looks so good this Diane Von Furstenburg gown. The gold lace looks stunning with her skin tone and the shape looks perfect on her. She really does know how to make a good statement when it comes to red carpet. I think that the gold dress gives off a slight sexiness with the low cut but it just looks so beautiful on her that i can definitely give it a thumbs up!

As soon as I saw this was a Clavin Klein gown, I thought to myself, of course it is! CK has always know how to make a effortlessly clean cut item of fashion and they made no expections with this dress. The bold colour suits Anne Hathaway down to a T with her fair skin tone. I just love how its a perfectly simple gown but they gave it that edge making it a crop top and a skirt with a slit in the front. Beautiful!

Although i have to admit that this is a strange pose and then I was looking for a photo, Lake Bell really doesn't know how to pose. Nether the less, she has dressed her bump perfectly. It must be so hard to make a gown look and feel good when you're pregnant but she has done it perfectly. The colour for starters suits her skin tone well and the dress falls beautifully over her bump to make her look chic yet comfortable. 

I wanted to finish with the one and only Kylie Minogue. This dress made by Marchesa is a beautiful cut on her. The style of the dress does remind me of the Greek and how they draped and tied white material over themselves so when I saw that it was gold leaf detailing, I was impressed as the two go beautifully together! Kylie is every inch beautiful as is this gown.

Friday, 2 May 2014

A Month of Favourites: April

Im getting all mainstream on you guys and following the crowd with the Monthly Favorites posts! What can I say, they're popular and to be honest, I love them too. I've never really done them but I thought I would give it a go and see how you like it!

So to start off with I want to mention something that isn't directly beauty related but it helps me get a good nights sleep so i'm happy! It is the Soap and Glory Eye Mask. Lately, I have been really suffering from sore eyes and along with that, I've been having bad nights sleep as my room in my new house is rather light. This is where this little invention comes in perfectly. As you can see, this is a material mask that is really soft, comfortable to wear and has been amazing in the mornings when the light is beaming in. The additional feature to this, is the gel eye mask that comes with it. All you need to do is pop it in the fridge, get it really cold and then there is actually a compartment in the back of the material mask where you can pop it in the back of there and ta da! You've got an eye mask that not only helps you sleep but it is also cooling the eye area and really relaxing me whilst removing dullness and puffyness! Dream combo right?!

Next we have a MAC Blush in Warm Soul. I have been so addicted to this! I just love how much it warms up the face and its ever so subtle which is what I like in a blush. This blush I actually got about a month ago and you can see my Mac post here. Also another benefit of this blush is that I swear it is long lasting. I put it on at 8:30am and I looked at 6:00pm and it was still noticeable. That's over 9 hours of wear from a blusher! I'm new to the blush scene, who can recommend any good ones?

On the topic of blushers, this is actually a little teaser of an American haul post I'm going to be putting up soon as it is the Milani Baked Blusher in Luminiso. There are no words, its so pretty. The colour gives you such a beautiful glow which is perfect for something like bridal make up. It is just a beautiful pink colour with a slight peach undertone and such a beautiful sheen. It really is stunning and the fact that it was worth a couple of pounds makes it an even better product.

Next stop we have a little 'marmite' product. Some love it, some hate it. That is the one and only, Maybeline Baby Skin Primer. I just want to say that I know why some people don't like it as it can feel a little greasy but I have noticed that it makes my skin a little matte which I like as I do have quite oily skin so I personally feel like it tricks my face into thinking that it's 'dewy' enough so it doesn't need to produce anymore oil. Not only that, it does blur out my imperfections which of course is a bonus. I do own Benefit Porefessional and it's okay but it's just so pricey and I feel like baby skin is just a clear version of Porefessional but with a little bit more silicone in. I think it's a bargain!

As were on the talk of Maybelline, I want to mention their BB cream for oily skin. It's just a small shout out but I've been really appreciating this on days wear I just want to balance out my skin tone inside of slapping on a full face. I've had quite problematic skin lately and I've found that this has evened everything out and made my skin look relatively normal so thanks Maybelline!

I think from one of my latest blog posts, you guys knew I would be mentioning this.. It is my YSL rouge volupté lipstick in Number One Nude beige. It is just such a beautiful nude pink colour. I wont go into too much detail as you can see my review on it here. I just really love the colour and I would love to buy another one. It is so light and glossy on the lips! Some people don't like them but I love them!

Last but of course not least, it is Mac Pro Longwear concealer. Although is can fault this product by the pump applicator and the smell, I can't deny that the coverage is amazing and it is perfect for under the eye area. I actually have two colours and I use NC15 under my eyes and NC20 for blemishes. I never actually got matched for these colours, I took it upon myself to find them as I really don't trust make up counter ladies! I know I know it's MAC but they always think I'm a different colour and I get home and try the foundation on and I'm like 'I told you so!'. My skin is very odd as when you look at me, you would say I'm fair skinned yes but not porcelain, but then when I buy the ivory foundations you can watch them turn darker and darker on my skin. Yes, I am a freak.
Anyway, back to MAC, I love this concealer and I will only mention it this one time as I would happily say now that I will be using it forever and I don't want to show it in every monthly favourite!

I hope you enjoyed my little April favourites, please leave you April favorite links in the comments below so I can have a sneak peak! Have a great bank holiday weekend!