Wednesday, 21 May 2014

10 Products: The Must Haves and The Not Worth Its.

We've all been there. All of a sudden, there is this 'must have' product that everyone raves about that isn't exactly cheap but you go out and purchase it. It then gets to a month after using the 'holy grail' product and you find that it has made no different to your skin. How disappointing! I know that everyone's skin is different but I've stopped jumping on the hypes now as I just find people get brain washed as they 'think' its going to work because it did for everyone else. I know I sound quite mean but I'm just being honest! You will probably find that a lot of the products I mention are down to money because there is nothing more disappointing than spending £25 on one item and then finding out that a high street brand can do it better.. So i thought that I would share some products with you guys that I have actually been enjoying and some that just aren't worth your time!

1# La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

 Probably one of the biggest disappointments I have some across to be honest. The amount of love that people gave this product made me really want to go out and purchase it. I started using it at the end of march and to this day it has not reduced any of the blemishes and so forth that I have on the right side of my cheek and I have been using this mainly twice a day for nearly two months now. I think the consistency and the texture of this is great but as far as its abilities, it definitely doesn't do what it says on the tin.

2# Lush Mask of Magniminty & 3# GlamGlow
I put these two together as I got them both around the same time. I had hear so many good things about the GlamGlow masks that I really wanted them. At the same time I was in Lush and I picked up a small pot of the Mask of Magniminty as I heard good reviews about it too. I purchased a £60 gift box of two GlamGlow masks so I could try them both out and decide which one I preferred. All the things that everyone had been saying about them just did not happen with me. People said that from the first use they couldnt believe how good thier skin looked and so forth... after my 5th try with the masks, I definitely was not seeing these amazing result that everyone else was getting. Then I tried the Lush mask as straight away i was impressed! How does that work? I'm not sure but the Lush Mask of Magniminty mask is waaaaay better as its so much more cheaper and better value for money and it actually works! I think that if I could get the Blue Hydration GlamGlow mask it maybe different but for now, I am sticking to what I know works!

4# L'Oreal Magic Lumi Foundation

It is worth the hype! Its really stunning. I am yet to try the original L'Oreal True Match (I know what you're thinking) but this has seriously made me want to buck up my ideas and go and purchase it. The foundation gives such a fawless finish! I tend to apply it with a make up sponge as I personally feel like it brings out the glow within the foundation and really does leave my skin glowing. Thumbs Up!

#5 YSL Touché Éclat

I was rather excited to get this as it was my first YSL product. As soon as I applied this to my eye area, it was already sinking into the fine lines around my eyes which I could understand in a few hours but not with in 5 minutes! To add to the disapointment, the colour was poor in the first place. I got mine in Number 1 and it was just so pink. It was okay at covering the dark under eye colour but after a while it just looked pink which is not what you need! Would not say that its worth the £25!

#6 Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I am really loving this sponge, I have even brought a back up for when my current one dies I think its that good! Now I haven't tried the Beauty Blender but I love this make up sponge, I think that its a great invention and its actually really cheap as its only £6. Definitely worth it!

#7 Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

This and the YSL Touche Eclat are quite alike as they are both poor on the colour. I would say if i had to pick either, I would pick this one but this is just as disapointing. This product just really doesnt settle well on my skin which is annoying. I am still after a concelear that gives that brightening effect but the colours are all wrong. Im going to try the L'Oreal Lumi Concelear as i love the foundation so much I hope that the trend continues. If not itll be Mac Prep and Prime!

#8 Mac Fix Plus

This is definitively a product that needs to be in every girls make up bag. It is such a unique versatile product that can be used before make up for a primer, after make up for a setting spray and even for loose pigments and so forth. It should be in every persons make up bag! 

#9 Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Make Up
I was really looking forward to this as it was my first high end foundation! But after a while i realised that the only reason its 'Oxygen' is because of the way its pumped out. You can see that more air is in it than any other. Take that away and its like a good high street foundation! Not worth the £26.50 I paid for it thats for sure! Just because its expensive, doesn't mean that its worth it.

#10 Tangle Teezer

I hate brushing my hair. I cant stand it at the hair dressers, when someone else does it or when i do it. Always have done, until I heard about the Tangle Teezer. I did a little research first and i finally decided to buy one and i swear it has made a huge difference to my hair maintenacnce. I love it! I think that its a great invention, its so easy to work with and it truly has made me stop disliking brushing my hair. I think its that good that I use it on my 2 year old niece's hair as she has tight ringlet hair that is prone to knotting and tangles and she used to scream when having her hair brushed. Now its so easy to put her hair up in bunches! 

Let me know below what you think is worth the money and what really isn't!


  1. Fun post! I adore mask of Magnaminty! It's amaze balls! Good to know about the Effaclar duo!

    1. I just haven't seen any difference and i have even been applying twice a day!

  2. I completely agree about the YSL Touche Eclat! I found it to be really watery and found that as soon as I'd applied it, it practically vanished as if I'd never put it on in the first place. For £25, it is very poor x

    1. could not agree more! it really sucked me in but its not worth the hype at all x

  3. Glad you posted about the YSL Touche Eclat! I'm just the kind of sucker who would waste £25 because of Hype! Will defo be buying a tangle teaser though, as I'm having extensions fitted and therefore need to look after them properly (I'm pretty rubbish at hair maintenance!) Great post :)

    1. I was the exact same and it was a complete waste! I did get sucked in to the packaging and the brand but keep your pennies! tangle teezers are the absolute best! thank you :)

  4. Great post, really enjoyed reading it! Been wanting the YSL Touche Éclat and Benefit foundation...may look for some alternatives instead. Also really want to Real Techniques sponge too!

    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic

  5. I haven't read a blog post in a while where I have agreed with literally everything they have said! I cannot agree more with your review of these 10 items, especially the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo! I was so excited to try it out, (due to the rave reviews online) but I was just so disappointed! It did nothing for me. It's funny you also mentioned the Tangle Teezer, I've currently got a review of this in draft atm :)

    Your blog is fab - keep up the amazing work :)

    If you get a chance, it would be good to hear your thoughts on my new blog.

    Sam xo