Tuesday, 27 May 2014

TIPS: How To Get Bright Eyes

Hey lovelies.

I think that a bright eye can really make a difference to a look. If your looking tired, your eyes are the first things to show it. Here are just a few tips on how to get bright eyes.

1. A Cold Flannel
If your face or eye area is a little puffy, then before you go to bed at night, run a flannel under cold water, ring out and place over your face till it feels warm. Its is extremely calming and relaxing! It reduces puffyness and calms the eye area. It also helps to close pores up which is good to stop dirty getting in.

2. Chilled Eye Mask
I recently picked up another one of these along with a sleep mask. It has the same affect as the cold fannel but you can pop it in the fridge and rest it over your eyes to get bright sparkly eyes.

Please Note: With the above two, its best to do it without eye make on... there will be some seriously panda eyes if you don't!

3. Eye Drops

This one is definitely something of personal opinion as I know that some people can't stand the thought of putting anything in their eye but I feel that these have definitely helped me on the days where my eyes just look so tired and dull. They really brighten up my eyes and its a real quick fix!

4. Hydartion
The eye area is the only area that doesn't produce sweat which means that it can get very dehydrated very quickly which leaves the eye area looking very dull and dark. Applying a hydrating eye cream or even a hydrating facial cream if you don't want to fork out more money on an eye cream, can really help in the appearance of dark circles as massaging the cream into the skin also pumps the blood better around that area.

4. Mac Prolongwear Concealer 

This concealer is great for covering the dark circles around your eyes and it doesn't crease or set into the fine lines around the eye area. Choose a colour a shade lighter for around your eyes so they really stand out and give them a really bright under eye effect.

5. A Good Nights Sleep

I think this one is pretty obvious but you'll be surprised how a bad nights sleep can really affect the look of your eye area. It can leave it looking puffy, dark and very dull so make sure that you got to bed that bit earlier in order to look fresh in the mornings!

6. Mascara

A good mascara can really make your lashes look long and full of volume so it important to try a few different brands to find which mascara you like the most and which works the best with your eye lashes. Wearing mascara can really widen the eyes and draws more attention to them. 

7. Colours That Compliment Your Eye Colour 

This is something that not many people know so I found this on Google with Nars eye shadows so I thought it would help you all to find the right colours that will compliment your eye colour so your eyes stand out.

Let me know if you have any tips to achieving bright eyes!


  1. Loved this post Jess!

    Abby x x x

  2. Interesting to see what colours compliment the eyes, thanks for the tip! X