Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lipstick Loving

If you've followed me on social media for about a month then you will see the small obsession that has developed with Kate Moss for Rimmel London lipsticks.
It wasn't until the start of this year that I became into lipsticks because (I hate to admit it but I was into 'foundation lips') I really hated my lips. I still do it slightly just to make me feel better which I know isn't good as it is a bad look but I used to do it all the time because people had pointed out about how big they are. It started making me really conscious about the shape and the colour of my lips which made me want to hide them as I thought that they were horrible. It wasn't until the start of this year where I took a second to stop, look through the lipstick sections and realise that lipstick doesn't have to be bright colours and bring attention to the lips, it can disguise them in a pretty way. Since then I have been keen to rummage through the sections when I have the chance because I have really started to enjoy a good lipstick and believe me, they feel a lot nicer on the lips than foundation!
I came across this range around a month ago whilst doing the usual boots rummage and I instantly thought that I need all of them, even the daring ones.
Of course the first thing that caught my eye was the matte packaging as I think that it looks so chic but if you know me well enough by now, you already know that! I think that plain can say a lot more than what full on in your face can, simple is better in some cases.
Rimmel was actually the first brand of lipstick I brought as I knew I had to start somewhere and they have a large shade range so it was easy to choose from. The Kate Moss collection, I would personally say is more pigmented than the normal range when comparing on the selection I have on normal vs collection. The thing I think that I like the most about these lippies is that the finish is just so creamy on the lips and although its not full shine and more on the matte side, its no where near drying and I have the driest lips ever and mine are happy to wear these! If you thought that it could get any better, I actually noticed the other day whilst rocking one of these bad boys is that it actually lasts quite along time and through drinking and eating too. For a £5.49 lipstick, how can you go wrong?
I have 3 nude colours and two colours that are way too daring for me and I haven't actually used before but it felt good to know that if the moment ever came where I felt like I had the confidence to wear a bright lipstick, I have one there! The range of colours has really com along leaps and bounds so there is definitely something were for everyone.
If you haven't all ready had a snoop with the lipsticks then I highly recommend that you do has they will but a staple in your collect as they are mine.

As always, leave your links and if you have any of the Kate Moss range then let me know!


Saturday, 26 July 2014

July Faves '14

Lets just take a minute to appreciate this time of the month. Its's the 'yay, lots of things to read and watch on youtube for a week!'

I didn't do a favorites last month as I didn't really buy anything new and there's no point if its nothing interesting but this month is a whole different kettle of fish. Just a warning, there's a lot of lip pies.

So yeah, from the photos, you can see that its mostly cosmetics because I got a few new things this month and i've been loving them!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
As July has been rather warm, i've really been enjoying the more natural highlight with a lot less make up during the day. I did a full review on this beauty when I first got it a while ago which you can check out here. I just think that all of these shades are perfect for that natural summer glow.

Mac Fix+
This has seriously been my holy grail product during the warmer weather as its helped my make up really stay put and gives my make up a really natural look to it which is what you need in the warmer months! Thick make up is a no go situation at all in the heat. That will just melt right off your face.
Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Lotion
I actually suffer from quite dry legs and my skin is dehydrated a lot of the time so I like something that I can put on my skin and still feel the softness of my skin after 10 hours. This is the 400ml bottle but a lot goes a long way so I know that its going to last a long time! There is 3 more versions of this lotion, Dry, Very Dry and Rough & Dry which amazes me as this was so good for my skin and its only the bog standard one! You're probably thinking, why get the normal one if you have really dry skin? I have a serious thing for Aloe Vera as it is so good for your skin and this was smelt so good. If you have a chance, go pick it up at Boots as its on offer for £2.09 for 250ml which is smaller than this one but definitely worth a try.
L'Oreal Collection Privee By Cheryl
I been really loving this shade this month, if you haven't seen my review on this then you can check that out here. I just think this colour really suits my skin and I have just been loving the texture and the feel of this lippy. It took ages for me to get it so of course I love it!!
L'Oreal Glam Bronze in 06 Golden Bronze
If you do not have this in your life, move, go get it, right now. That is how serious I am! When i first swatches this I was completely amazed by how creamy this powder bronzer is. It is the nicest bronzer I have ever used as it is so blendable and soft on my skin.  The lighting isn't great but it is actually lighter than Nars Laguna and so much better to blend and is so soft on the skin. For £7.99 its a complete bargain! I cannot praise this item enough.
Maxfactor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Angel Pink
I love the pattern of this lipstick, I feel like it makes the colour look so much more natural. I've just really been enjoying the lovely sheer pink colour on my lips when i want to look like I've made more of an effort. Its just such a comfortable colour on the lips and is really moisturising. I don't really like the packaging but the product its self is the bomb.
Real Techniques Blush Brush and Powder Brush
I recently got these and I really love them, they're just such good quality and they make, make up application so much more easier. Sorry they are dirty, but this is real life and I used them to put my make up on with this morning. If you don't have the full Real Techniques collection then you should because they you get good bang for your buck.. if thats how they say it.. I think. *silent moment*

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Nude Eclipse
This is a best till last moment because if you follow me on social media then you would know that I have seriously been loving this sooooooo much. Have a look at my review on it so you understand the love I have for it here. I just really love the texture and the finish on these! For a first time lip lacquer user, I have officially been converted.

Hope you enjoy my faves guys, leave your links down below so I can check them out!
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Instagram: @jessvannan

Monday, 21 July 2014

Rimmel Alpocalips Is Basically The Bomb Diggity...

I haven't been big on lip products until about 5 months ago. Ever since then, I've been keen to try any type of lippy possible!
I think these have been on the market for quite a while now but I'm never one to keep up with the new things on the market so I've only just discovered it. It is the Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse.
The Rimmel Apocalips are lip lacquers and if you're not sure on what a lip lacquer is, its basically a liquid lipsticks as they have great pigmentation, they also have no wax in them and normally come in a lipgloss like packaging.
This is the first lip lacquer I have tried and on first impressions, it's like they've taken the good bits of a lipstick and a lip gloss and made this beautiful creation. It's true love!
It's so soft on my lips and the pigmentation is great for it being a liquid as you sometimes think that because it becomes liquid, it can thin it out but thats not the case with this beauty. I enjoy the texture on my lips as all though it drys out, which is the only negative, it doesn't make my lips super dry like some lip products do. I feel like I'm talking so fast because I'm that excited about the Apocalips!
Onto the colour. This colour is the perfect nude colour for my lips, it's got a slight peachy undertone in it which is nice as it makes the lips look brighter rather than flat beige. I actually had a slight tan over the weekend so my face was a warmer tone and this product actually really enhanced the natural glow in my skin and made me look nice and healthy!
Like I said earlier, its not the not long lasting lip product so if you're eating or drinking you will have to apply after but I personally don't find that a major issue.

Has anyone else tried it? Leave me your links if you have tired any other shades!
P.S Please excuse the bad photography..

Friday, 18 July 2014

NYX or N Y X?

Ive picked up some NYX products before and I really loved it so I thought that I would get three more items to add to the collection. They sell such a wide range of products and sometimes when you're buying items you want something different to what you have because when you have a collection of make up, you want it to be a huge range, not all the same old stuff like loads mascaras or powders. 
When ever I buy items online, I always look into what people have said about them. One of the first items I already knew I had to get was the NYX eye pencil in Milk as it seems to be a cult product that everyone uses as a base for their shadows. Recently, if you follow me on Instagram, then you would notice that I have been creating some different eye looks because its something that I enjoy so I thought that this would be a good as a base for bright eye colours to enhance them. As you can see, its a very stark white colour and its so creamy so I can see why everyone has it.
I'm having such an 'I love pink' time at the moment which is quite unlike me as Im not a major pink person but I saw a shimmery pink Jumbo Lip Pencil called Pink Nude and I knew I needed it. It is the most beautiful sheer pink lip colour and I've been into lip pencils lately because they are handy to just pop on and go out the door. Its certainly a pretty pink colour.
Lastly, I picked up a liquid laminator because I wanted to add it to some of the more basic foundations I have to make them all glowy and I have been enjoying a dewy looking highlight on the cheek bones as it can look a lot more natural than a powder one. It is an EXTREMELY intense colour just so you know, so go steady with it! But over all, its really pretty.

Does anyone have anything else from NYX? Let me know what else I should have! 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

L'Oreal Paris Collection Privee By Cheryl Review

I brought this Monday and this blog has been ready since yesterday. Oh yeah, that's how excited I am about it! To cut a long story short, I saw my Cousin wearing this lippy about 2 months ago and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get one! But that wasn't actually as easy as that sounded. I live in a rural town that is about 10 minutes away from the closest town that has any Boots or Superdrug. I know its not far but I only go into a Boots or a Superdrug if I have to make a specific trip for something else. Basically, I had searched for this lipstick online and in bigger boots and I could not find it anywhere. Then on Monday, I went to pick up my spectacles (new to the specky four-eyed crew & loving it) and thought I would pop into the little Boots that was there and what do you know! There was four from the collection and the Cheryl one wasn't even supposed to be there but it was! I call that fate...
Before you say, I did not buy it because its in association with Cheryl Cole (Or Cheryl Fernandez-Versini if she changes it after her recent nuptials) I'm not 16...
First off, I think that all of the L'Oreal lipsticks should have this packaging, its just so chic with the matte black case and the gold lettering. I agree with Nicole Guerrieor, they're normal packaging is not cute! Oh and I love the little L'Oreal logo printed in the lipstick, definitely gives it extra detail to attention.
On to the colour. Its definitely one of those natural lip colour enhancers.. The pictures are making it look a little extra pink but its quite a rosy nude with brown tones in it that is just my lip colour but better as they say! Its quite a build-able lipstick but I think that most nudes are like that.
I've really been loving L'Oreal Paris make up lately, I just think that its such good quality and although its a little pricer than most hightstreet, its worth the money. 

I love it, it's pretty and I now want them all!

Does anyone else have any from the range?

Friday, 11 July 2014

Things to make you happy.

We've all been there.. you sit there for at least 20 minutes not doing anything and your mind decides to take a wonder into that bad memory box in the back of your brain, opens it up and all of a sudden, you feel crap. Or, if you're like me, it tends to be that one thing goes wrong and everything then goes wrong which is just really annoying. I had one of these days lately and I just sat there and thought about all the things that get me out of this phunk I've got going on. Just a few thoughts but I thought I would share them!


Oh yeah, you feel like crap so all of a sudden, you think that Emillie Sande, May Kind Of Love is the perfect song to listen too. Just don't do it! Even if you don't want to listen to a happy song, put on the happiest song you know. You can't think sad thoughts when theres an up beat tune running around that brain of yours. Oh and P.S. I Love You isn't a good idea either...

2. MOVE.

Even if its touching up your make up or going to get a drink. When you move, your brain has to think about what you're doing so you stop thinking about what you originally were thinking about. Smart aye?


So this is a varied one. If you think that you actually have an issue then talking to someone and hearing their aspect on the topic can really help change your mind or make you feel better. If you know you're having just an off day, just try to ignore it, don't feed the bad day with telling everyone about because it then puts you in the frame of mind that nothing is going to go right.


A lot of people when they're in bad moods just want to go and eat junk and forget everything but in turn, you then feel really crap afterwards because you've eaten crap food. Find a healthy balance, whether its a piece of fruit and a chocolate bar or a low cal chocolate treat, you get the satisfaction with out the guilty aftermath. 


Think about that time where you laughed so hard that you were crying. Whenever I think about those times, I automatically have to have chuckle to myself. Even if you go through some photos of that hilarious night out you hard, think of the good times, not the bad!

Just a few thoughts if you're ever feeling down.
Remember to smile! :)  


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Pink To Make The Boys Wink..

You're probably in disbelief as I was when I first saw this little beauty. Playboy does make up? Oh yeah! and its not too shabby n'all.

First impressions? I wasn't sure as I'm not a fan of the little box that its in, the shiney finish doesn't do it for me but then I actually got the lipstick out and I soon changed my opinion... the sleek black packaging with the Playboy logo on the front did it for me! There's nothing more I love with lipstick packaging than it looking sleek.
So on the first swatch, I will say that you need to build it up for the pigmentation you want. Which personally, I like because I'm not into bright colours on my lips so I like that its not straight off pigmentation. The colour screams everything Playboy and I know that can be off putting but with the colour pay off being build-able, it makes the lipstick much more approachable. The biggest factor of this lipstick for me has to be the texture. It literally feels like a intense moisturizing lip balm on your lips! I suffer with dry lips often so it was nice to have a lipstick that felt like it was helping that issue. All in all, although I can't comment on the pigmentation, the texture is on top with this lippy.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tips and Tricks of the Trade..

Cosmetics, skincare, all that jazz, it isn't easy. Lets face it, we're not B and we did not wake up like dis but we all give it our best shot right? I just want to throw a bit of math out there for you. Say on average per girl (or guy, high five to the guys who know how to give a good contour) we spend 50 minutes in the morning applying our lotion and potions, 15 minutes a day touching it up then around 30 minutes taking it off in the evening. Im just going off what a bog standard day is for most girls but that means we spend on average 95 minutes a day on a beauty regime. Thats 576 hours and 33 minutes a year or 3.4 weeks. Shocking right? These are some tips to make that time a little bit easier. 

1. Flawless Skin. If you have any blemishes or read marks on the skin, make sure to cover them with a yellow based concealer so it contradicts the redness in that area, giving you a flawless base. Thank me later. 

2. Hair today, better tomorrow. If you know you have something important to go to tomorrow but you don't have a lot of time in the morning, then dampen your hair the night before and put it in plaits then in the morning you have sexy hair without even trying! 

3. Primed Eyes. Apply a cream shadow first as your base so you eye shadow sticks and has more 'staying power' through out the day. 

4. Glowing, Glowing, Glowing Gone. Everyone knows it but one part foundation, one part illuminator can add a hell of a difference to the appearance of your skin. 

5. One step ahead of the game. Picking up a skincare product with glycolic acid, salicylic acid or retinol can really help prevent blackheads and breakouts before they start. 

6. Smoking Lashes. Heat up your eye lash curlers with your hair dryer if you have eye lashes that are poker straight, it'll curly them a lot easier.

7. Brows at bay. No wax or gel for those fly away brow hairs? Wash off an old mascara wand and then spray it with hairspray. Comb those bad boys down!

8. Pucker Up. Gently buff your lips with a toothbrush to remove dead skin cells and increase circulation, making lipstick a lot easier to apply and of course, giving you those Angelina Jolie Lips.

9. 40 winks. Apply cold water or ice cubes in a flannel under your eyes in order to settle the puffiness. Puffy eyes in the morning is not cool. 

10. Smooth Skin. Apply your powder in an downward motion, this flattens the fine hairs on your skin to give you a smooth looking finish.

11. Perfect Pout. When you're wearing a bright colour, you want it to last a long time with out reapplying it. The best way to help it is by applying the colour, waiting a few minutes then blotting, applying a tiny bit of powder and applying it again. Perfect long lasting pout!

12. Lovely Legs. Putting a pump of foundation into your lotion before you apply it to your legs can give your more airbrushed looking legs.

13. End of the day refreshment. Fix+ and other setting sprays can really help refresh your make up at the end of the day, give you a brighter more dewy look.

14. No mess! When applying a smokey eye in hurry, stick some sticky tape along the corners of your eyes for a sharp lines or a layer of powder under the eyes to sweep away any fall out. 

15. Smelling good. To make your perfume last longer by spraying some on your wrists, back of your neck and top of your chest, gives everyone a whiff of that lovely smell when you move or flick your hair. 

Do you know any? Let me know beauts. 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Get The Look: Copper Brown Eyes

If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen this look posted on there about a week ago. If you don't follow me on Instagram then you know I'm questioning why but still here it is. (love you really)

This look is perfect for the evening time if you're someone that doesn't want a full smokey eye but likes to have a little colour. It's also super easy even if you aren't into make up! I used the Smashbox Full Exposure palette and the Make Up Revolution Iconic 3 palette to brighten up the pigmentation as the Smashbox Pallette wasn't as intense as I would have liked.

To start of this look, you want to prime your eyes, I usually use a concealer, today I used Mac Pro Longwear concealer in NC15 & 20. I then took a fluffy brush and a soft brown colour in the crease of my eye lid to give it that definition.

I then went in with the light ivory shimmer shade on the inner corner of the eye with a flat eye shadow brush from the Smashbox palette, followed by the darker ivory colour next to it.

Followed by a shimmer toupe and the copper colour from the Make Up  Revolution Iconic 3 palette. (Apologies that this photo doesn't show the true copper tone like the next photo)

Then, on the outter corner with the shimmery chocolate brown colour and the last brown shadow from the Iconic 3 palette as it had a nice copper and red shimmer undertone to blend in well with the copper shade! I then went back in, blending in the colours where they meet and going back in where I  think may need intensifying.

I went in with an eye liner that took me forever as I'm no liner pro and it senses my fear so it always messes up. I need to get a chunkier pen liner as this one is difficult and the Eyeko Skinny Liner is pants over eye shadow! 

My bottom lashes were coated.. 

Falsies we're applied.. 

And voila! A copper brown eye look complete! 

You can swap and change any of the colours that blend well together to make it your own style. I prefer it on Instagram so I'm going to be doing more collages on there but maybe step by steps on here! Enjoy

I just want to say that this is one of my first make up looks on the blog, so if the pictures are crap and the lighting isn't good then I'm sorry, I'm still learning!