Thursday, 10 July 2014

Pink To Make The Boys Wink..

You're probably in disbelief as I was when I first saw this little beauty. Playboy does make up? Oh yeah! and its not too shabby n'all.

First impressions? I wasn't sure as I'm not a fan of the little box that its in, the shiney finish doesn't do it for me but then I actually got the lipstick out and I soon changed my opinion... the sleek black packaging with the Playboy logo on the front did it for me! There's nothing more I love with lipstick packaging than it looking sleek.
So on the first swatch, I will say that you need to build it up for the pigmentation you want. Which personally, I like because I'm not into bright colours on my lips so I like that its not straight off pigmentation. The colour screams everything Playboy and I know that can be off putting but with the colour pay off being build-able, it makes the lipstick much more approachable. The biggest factor of this lipstick for me has to be the texture. It literally feels like a intense moisturizing lip balm on your lips! I suffer with dry lips often so it was nice to have a lipstick that felt like it was helping that issue. All in all, although I can't comment on the pigmentation, the texture is on top with this lippy.


  1. What a gorgeous colour! surprised me! x

  2. I also had no idea they did makeup! Great shade :)

  3. gorgeous shade, i tried a lipgloss ages ago and it smelt amazing!
    xprincessjas | ♥