Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tips and Tricks of the Trade..

Cosmetics, skincare, all that jazz, it isn't easy. Lets face it, we're not B and we did not wake up like dis but we all give it our best shot right? I just want to throw a bit of math out there for you. Say on average per girl (or guy, high five to the guys who know how to give a good contour) we spend 50 minutes in the morning applying our lotion and potions, 15 minutes a day touching it up then around 30 minutes taking it off in the evening. Im just going off what a bog standard day is for most girls but that means we spend on average 95 minutes a day on a beauty regime. Thats 576 hours and 33 minutes a year or 3.4 weeks. Shocking right? These are some tips to make that time a little bit easier. 

1. Flawless Skin. If you have any blemishes or read marks on the skin, make sure to cover them with a yellow based concealer so it contradicts the redness in that area, giving you a flawless base. Thank me later. 

2. Hair today, better tomorrow. If you know you have something important to go to tomorrow but you don't have a lot of time in the morning, then dampen your hair the night before and put it in plaits then in the morning you have sexy hair without even trying! 

3. Primed Eyes. Apply a cream shadow first as your base so you eye shadow sticks and has more 'staying power' through out the day. 

4. Glowing, Glowing, Glowing Gone. Everyone knows it but one part foundation, one part illuminator can add a hell of a difference to the appearance of your skin. 

5. One step ahead of the game. Picking up a skincare product with glycolic acid, salicylic acid or retinol can really help prevent blackheads and breakouts before they start. 

6. Smoking Lashes. Heat up your eye lash curlers with your hair dryer if you have eye lashes that are poker straight, it'll curly them a lot easier.

7. Brows at bay. No wax or gel for those fly away brow hairs? Wash off an old mascara wand and then spray it with hairspray. Comb those bad boys down!

8. Pucker Up. Gently buff your lips with a toothbrush to remove dead skin cells and increase circulation, making lipstick a lot easier to apply and of course, giving you those Angelina Jolie Lips.

9. 40 winks. Apply cold water or ice cubes in a flannel under your eyes in order to settle the puffiness. Puffy eyes in the morning is not cool. 

10. Smooth Skin. Apply your powder in an downward motion, this flattens the fine hairs on your skin to give you a smooth looking finish.

11. Perfect Pout. When you're wearing a bright colour, you want it to last a long time with out reapplying it. The best way to help it is by applying the colour, waiting a few minutes then blotting, applying a tiny bit of powder and applying it again. Perfect long lasting pout!

12. Lovely Legs. Putting a pump of foundation into your lotion before you apply it to your legs can give your more airbrushed looking legs.

13. End of the day refreshment. Fix+ and other setting sprays can really help refresh your make up at the end of the day, give you a brighter more dewy look.

14. No mess! When applying a smokey eye in hurry, stick some sticky tape along the corners of your eyes for a sharp lines or a layer of powder under the eyes to sweep away any fall out. 

15. Smelling good. To make your perfume last longer by spraying some on your wrists, back of your neck and top of your chest, gives everyone a whiff of that lovely smell when you move or flick your hair. 

Do you know any? Let me know beauts. 

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