So I sat down for about 30 minutes to decide on how to word a paragraph that describes me in a way that you will all automaitcally LOVE me but then I realised that you all can make you're own mind up :)
I'm from the UK, I love winter more than summer (so England is good place for me to be), I love the colour blue and I would rather watch a Marvel film over a chick flick. I have a big family, a boyfriend and the bestestesterest friends ever. 

I was sat on my bed one day, flicking through YouTube like usual, watching all the beauty, cosmetic and lifestyle videos and I then found that they had blogs too so I thought you know what, i really love everything about beauty and cosmetics so I need to get involved in this!
Even if i have one person read my blog and enjoy it, then it's worth it.
I hope you enjoy beauties!xo

"imperfection is beauty,
madness is genius
it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring"
- Marilyn monroe


  1. What lashes do you use, they look amazing! Love your blog! Danielle xx


  2. I'm also a winter & Marvel lover :) lol.

    Emma . x


  3. Sorry if this post twice. I never know if it does. Anyways. I am a strong believe in the one reader effect. People tell everything now a days and one person can take you a long way. I love chick flicks, but grew up with 3 bros so I am very much so into Marvel movies. I love your bow tie accent.