Friday, 2 May 2014

A Month of Favourites: April

Im getting all mainstream on you guys and following the crowd with the Monthly Favorites posts! What can I say, they're popular and to be honest, I love them too. I've never really done them but I thought I would give it a go and see how you like it!

So to start off with I want to mention something that isn't directly beauty related but it helps me get a good nights sleep so i'm happy! It is the Soap and Glory Eye Mask. Lately, I have been really suffering from sore eyes and along with that, I've been having bad nights sleep as my room in my new house is rather light. This is where this little invention comes in perfectly. As you can see, this is a material mask that is really soft, comfortable to wear and has been amazing in the mornings when the light is beaming in. The additional feature to this, is the gel eye mask that comes with it. All you need to do is pop it in the fridge, get it really cold and then there is actually a compartment in the back of the material mask where you can pop it in the back of there and ta da! You've got an eye mask that not only helps you sleep but it is also cooling the eye area and really relaxing me whilst removing dullness and puffyness! Dream combo right?!

Next we have a MAC Blush in Warm Soul. I have been so addicted to this! I just love how much it warms up the face and its ever so subtle which is what I like in a blush. This blush I actually got about a month ago and you can see my Mac post here. Also another benefit of this blush is that I swear it is long lasting. I put it on at 8:30am and I looked at 6:00pm and it was still noticeable. That's over 9 hours of wear from a blusher! I'm new to the blush scene, who can recommend any good ones?

On the topic of blushers, this is actually a little teaser of an American haul post I'm going to be putting up soon as it is the Milani Baked Blusher in Luminiso. There are no words, its so pretty. The colour gives you such a beautiful glow which is perfect for something like bridal make up. It is just a beautiful pink colour with a slight peach undertone and such a beautiful sheen. It really is stunning and the fact that it was worth a couple of pounds makes it an even better product.

Next stop we have a little 'marmite' product. Some love it, some hate it. That is the one and only, Maybeline Baby Skin Primer. I just want to say that I know why some people don't like it as it can feel a little greasy but I have noticed that it makes my skin a little matte which I like as I do have quite oily skin so I personally feel like it tricks my face into thinking that it's 'dewy' enough so it doesn't need to produce anymore oil. Not only that, it does blur out my imperfections which of course is a bonus. I do own Benefit Porefessional and it's okay but it's just so pricey and I feel like baby skin is just a clear version of Porefessional but with a little bit more silicone in. I think it's a bargain!

As were on the talk of Maybelline, I want to mention their BB cream for oily skin. It's just a small shout out but I've been really appreciating this on days wear I just want to balance out my skin tone inside of slapping on a full face. I've had quite problematic skin lately and I've found that this has evened everything out and made my skin look relatively normal so thanks Maybelline!

I think from one of my latest blog posts, you guys knew I would be mentioning this.. It is my YSL rouge volupté lipstick in Number One Nude beige. It is just such a beautiful nude pink colour. I wont go into too much detail as you can see my review on it here. I just really love the colour and I would love to buy another one. It is so light and glossy on the lips! Some people don't like them but I love them!

Last but of course not least, it is Mac Pro Longwear concealer. Although is can fault this product by the pump applicator and the smell, I can't deny that the coverage is amazing and it is perfect for under the eye area. I actually have two colours and I use NC15 under my eyes and NC20 for blemishes. I never actually got matched for these colours, I took it upon myself to find them as I really don't trust make up counter ladies! I know I know it's MAC but they always think I'm a different colour and I get home and try the foundation on and I'm like 'I told you so!'. My skin is very odd as when you look at me, you would say I'm fair skinned yes but not porcelain, but then when I buy the ivory foundations you can watch them turn darker and darker on my skin. Yes, I am a freak.
Anyway, back to MAC, I love this concealer and I will only mention it this one time as I would happily say now that I will be using it forever and I don't want to show it in every monthly favourite!

I hope you enjoyed my little April favourites, please leave you April favorite links in the comments below so I can have a sneak peak! Have a great bank holiday weekend!


  1. I have the Soap & Glory eye mask but I've never used it. I'm not really sure what to do with it, because I sleep on my front so I can't really sleep with it on! Hmmm..
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. haha bless you! i don't sleep on my front but I like to be in a pitch black room and then i can sleep properly!xxx

  2. I need to get a YSL lipstick. I've been hearing so many raves about it. How do they compare to the mac?
    Bright and Shiny