Monday, 16 June 2014

Sunday Funday

Hello Lovlies!

So on Sunday, me and Matt (my boyfriend) decided that we were going to have a fun day out as he works so hard and never gets time to enjoy a day off. We origianally decided to go to the sea side but after having a late one saturday because of the football, we were too tired to spend 2 & half hours driving to the coast where it was going to be even more cold than what it was in land!
We got in the car, not really having a destination, when Matt all of a sudden said why don't we go to the Sea Life Centre in London? Of course I squealed with excitement and said yes, so off we went!

Sea Life Centre was so cool and so interesting to see where certain fishes were from and what animals were out there!

After that we just wondered into Covent Garden which was so lovely! Matt took me to a great shop that he likes called Size? and he purchased some new trainers. We then went into Space NK for the first time and Matt said he wanted to get me something as it was our sunday funday. Probably the hardest decision ever but I chose something that will last a long time, I wouldn't of brought it myself and something I've never had from that brand! I'm keeping it secret as i'm so excited to write a post about it. Once we had finished there, we decided that it was time to get some food and Matt wanted to take me to one of his favorite places but before we got there, I spotted the MAC store! I live in a small town and the closest place to shop for MAC is 40 minutes to a big shopping center and its a MAC counter in Debenhams. The struggle is real. You can only imagine how quickly I ran! Like the purchase before, I wanted to get something that I've never had from MAC but that's staying secret too!

After a lovely dinner, we just walked about and enjoyed the scenery really! Overall it was a great day and it was so lovely just to spend time with Matt. 
What did you guys get up to this weekend?


  1. A little scary , but looks like fun :)
    Would love you to check my blog if you can. Doing Coach clutch giveaway right now !

    1. It was so much fun and so interesting :) I will do :) xx

  2. How cute! I love aquariums loads! Just recently found your blog on twitter! xx :)

  3. Days like this make m happy :) cuddle time I call it :-p I love the sealife centre too, usually go every few years to the birmingham one!