Thursday, 21 August 2014

5 Quick Fixes For Beauty Newbies

Me and my BMA (best mate always for you that aren't down with the cool kid lingo) were sat at dinner last week and she came up with an idea for a post. We were talking about the little tricks to solve those beauty blunders that newbies in the make up world come across and she picked five for me to share. So this is a post dedicated to Miss Katie Day aka Squidgy Squish. 

Mascara Spots
You know when you've just done your eye shadow and its looking like something Jaclyn Hill could of achieved herself, then you put on your mascara for the finished look and the end of your wet lashes or the wet brush touches your creation. Fuming is probably the only way to describe it but don't worry and don't pick up a cotton bud. People always wipe it off with a cotton bud and it just leaves a dent in your make up which is not cool. What you want to do is way for it to dry, pick up a clean make up brush and buff it off. No more marks and no effect on the make up!

Gravy Line
You're all like what the hell? Well they build up of foundation around your jaw line is called a 'Gravy Line' by my good friend Katie as she thinks it looks like the line when gravy has dried around the edge when its been sat there for a while. WHAT?! I know, but you have to love her. We all know to drag our foundation down onto our neck but to help you remember, apply a spot on your neck so you don't forget to buff it in. Also, if your foundation is slightly too dark, just drag it down your neck and on your chest to make everything look a bit more even. Im talking a shade too dark though... not like a you're Ivory and you're trying to pull of Deep Caramel.. 

Eyebrow Equation
They say that brows are sisters, not twins but thats on the shape and were talking very slight difference not dramatically obvious. A lot of people don't know how long eye brows should actually be which is quite worrying. An easy way to know is by holding a long brush and holding it straight up along your nose so it passes your tear duct, when its at the height of your brow that's where it should start. To know where it should finish, you take the brush resting on the side of your nose, angle it so it passes to the outer corner of your eye and the end of your brow should finish on the line of the brush. Its simpler than it sounds, trust me.

Dark Under Eyes
Contouring has become so big lately that people don't realise that putting a light concealer under your eyes will brighten up your eye area but won't actually cover up those dark circles you have because of that late night last night. The best way to disguise those is buy applying a salmon or pinky/peach coloured concealer under your eyes as that actually counteracts the dark colour, then you can apply your eye brightening concealer.

Contain Messy Eyeshadow
Smokey eyes aren't easy and they can go everywhere very quickly. Although you may think that smokey eyes aren't contained, they actually are. First of all, I would advise doing the shadows before face make up so you can brush away fall out. Second of all, get a piece of Sellotape, put it on the back of your hand and peel it off to get rid of the stickiness then apply it along the outer eye up to the end of your brows. Now, you can go as messy as you like with that outer edge because once you peel off the Sellotape, you are left with a nice crisp line to buff out. Voila! 

Let me know if you know any other quick fixes!


  1. that mascara spot tip is amazing!! the amount of times ive been so angry after ruining my eyeshadow with my mascara! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Such great tips I need to try out the mascara spots one as this always happens to me! The gravy line bit made me giggle :D x


  3. Need to try the smoky eye trick that's such a good idea! Great post :) x

  4. Loved the mascara spot tip and the smokey eye trick !:) The gravy line thing made me lol !.

    cait ||