Sunday, 31 August 2014

Review | Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Normally, if i have to use eye liner (which isn't often) I will just use a liquid one as its just the first thing to hand. I don't use eye liner a lot because my current one can slightly sting my eye lid as I have such sensitive lids and it can become very uncomfortable when it drys so naturally, when I saw this on discount I knew I had to pick it up to try something new.
I assume, correct me if I'm wrong but I think that this came along when the Scandaleyes mascara came out which is strange that I've never noticed it because I have the mascara which I think is great.
There are definitely pros and cons of this product but overall I think that for my first gel eye liner, its pretty good. The product is a very pigmented, it doesn't dry to a lighter shade of black and stays very dark which I've found can happen which some liners. When it comes to the application, it really is so much easier than liquid liner as its not messy at all and leaves an effortless line BUT the brush is not made for a cat eye. If you're someone who is into just a line across the lashes then the brush will work fine but its no good if you want to achieve a thin stroke against the lash line or a flick as its not angled and is just too thick to create a thin line above the lashes. I use a small angled brush of my own to make a winged out liner as it's a lot easier. It's always so strange when cosmetic companies put brushes with cosmetics that don't even apply the make up properly, surely they know what brushes they use to get a good finish?!
Like I said before, the finish on this liner is good and it seems so weightless on my eye lids which is great because when you have lashes and glue on then it can get quite heavy.
Now this liner says it's 24 hour and believe me, that product is not going to budge. I used two different types of eye make up removers, a cleanser and a face wash and there was still some left in my lash line. Now that's impressive! I like the fact that it doesn't move because when you're applying lashes, the glue can sometimes affect the liner if you've not had a lot of practise at it although having to use all of those and it still not moving isn't exactly gentle on your eyes. 
Overall for the price of £6.99 it's a good price for a liner that's comfortable to wear, lasting black colour and especially good if you're pulling an all nighter as it's not going to move. 

Has anyone else tried it?! 


  1. I've got this eyeliner and have found it's very pigmented aswell but I honestly have no clue how to apply it, I fail miserably at it haha looks like I'll be sticking to liquid liner!

    Beth xx

  2. This looks really good! I haven't bought from Rimmel in ages, but your post is seriously tempting me. Looks like a great product xx

    Sarah |