Thursday, 7 August 2014

Review | Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur

I posted this on Instagram last week and it seems that no one has found this yet. To be fair, I'm not surprised as Maybelline didn't exactly make a big deal out of it like they did the pore eraser, but still, I found it!
This is another edition to the 'baby' line that Maybelline has come out with along with the Baby Lips and the Baby Skin Pore Eraser. The Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur is designed to smooth your skins texture, slightly blur it to give it a even tone tone as well as brighting the skin to make it look refreshed and revitalised. This product comes in two different shade, Warm Apricot and Cool Rose. Now I don't know a lot about the reasons behind the two different shades but I would imagine that the Apricot tone would be for more warmer skin tones and more tanned skin and the rose coloured one is for cooler skin tones. Seems blatantly obvious but still.
I didn't take a whiff of the Warm Apricot so I can't comment on that one but the Cool Rose isn't exactly rose scented.. I know what roses smell like and its definitely not a rose smell.. In all honesty, I don't enjoy the smell of it, I don't think its terrible as it doesn't hang around so its not a major issue but that could definitely be an improvement.
The texture is incredibly light and when you blend it into the skin, you can definitely feel a difference in texture as your skin goes so soft so I can definitely agree with point where it says that it smooths out the skins texture. Unfortunatly, thats the only thing I can agree with. I have tried this over the basis of about a week as I like to try out skin products over a few days so I can get better decision on it. I have quite a bit of pigmentation on my skin and I have an uneven skin tone so I do look for a primer that helps even out my complexion before applying my foundation but this made no difference to my skin's complexion. I saw no difference in my skin after applying this which was slightly disappointing as I was expecting better things from it. My skin was supposed to look considerably better as they say you can wear it without foundation but I personally wouldn't as it made no difference to my skin. Overall, I think that if you're after a smooth base for foundation, it's a great product as I definitely saw a difference but as for making any difference to my complexion, it didn't prove to be what I expected. Sorry guys! 

Has any body else tried this? Let me know. 


  1. It's nice that it can be used as a base, if not alone. You're right they really didn't make a fuss of this product so hardly anyone has heard of it.
    Bright and Shiny

  2. I was all excited about this as I'd not seen or heard of it before but sounds like a bit of a let down and shame about the smell too..the hunt continues ;) x

  3. I've not tried this but it sounds a bit of a let down, there's also a lot of mixed reviews about the baby lips x

  4. I agree with the smell! I thought seeing as it is meant to be 'rose' themed surely it would smell of roses!