Thursday, 4 September 2014

August Faves '14

Wow, I must not be the only one that is shocked about how quickly this year is going. The next few months are exciting for me as I always always always plan loads of things when Autumn and Winter come round, I'm not into all this hibernation stuff over winter.
In all fairness, I think I have brought a total of 3 new beauty items (yay to me, super saver) so this post pretty much consists of them and other older good stuff. Knowing me, once November and December hits, i'll be walking around like i'm ballin' because I determined to save for treats in the Christmas months!

I'd just like to put a little side note in that I realised recently that I did quite a few reviews in August and once I read back through them, I realised that I sounded so unbelievably BORING so I apologize for that and I (hopefully) wont be sounding like that again!

On to the faves. I purchased the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette in Streak a few weeks a go on a random spontaneous 'I need a treat' moment and I was excited because this was my first Urban Decay product. This certainly did not disappoint and I've taken it everywhere with me like a little nuggly or a comfort blanket because I just never want to let it go and I want all of them now. The texture on all of the powders is so soft and blendable, it's hard not to out down as it's that nice to use. I did a long review on it here if you wanted to check that out.
I haven't been using the Real Techniques Powder Brush with this palette but as we were talking powders, it was a good subject to follow on with. I really love all of my Real Techniques brushes, I want them to come out with more eye brushes to expand my collection but my favourite one this month has to be this powder brush. Its just one of those brushes that you'll happily just sit there, brushing it across your face just because its so damn soft! I love the density of it, I think its great to push your all over face powder on your skin and because of the size of the head, it gives a great even coverage over the skin too. 
The two lippies I have hanging in those photos are from the Maybeline Color Sensational line. I cannot tell you how much I love these lipsticks! I really love the packaging of them, when the light hits it them you can see how pretty they really are and because they are square they are easier to store all next to each other. I got these two colours over the warmer weather as they are such good soft summer shades so they were really easy and comfortable to wear. Not only all of those good things but either Boots or Superdrug always have them on deals at alternate times so I I always end up picking up a couple on a deal.
I really love doing eye looks and of course, no eye look is complete without a set of fierce lashes and that's where the Revlon Precision Dark Lash Adhesive comes in. I cannot tell you how much I hate the glue that comes with the eylure lashes, it's just white which never fully dries clear and goes gloopy! The reason why I love black eye lash glue is because when I was using clear, I would end up having to go over it to fill in the small gaps or to cover the glue but where as with the black glue, it's not needed as it does the trick for you! Genius..
As were on the subject of eye liner, I'll mention that little Rimmel pot you can see in there. That is the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eye Liner in Black and I've been completely converted to gel over liquid! I explained all of that in my review which you can read here, although that opinion has slightly changed. I know what your thinking... Erm this is a favourites post and you're about to say how you dislike something... Well technically I'm telling you that gel liner is now my favourite, this Rimmel one is so intense on my eyes that it's scary! Like seriously, that stuff will not budge and I'm scared that makes it to too harsh on my eyes. I'll have to get some of that They're Real remover to get it off! 
Last but of course not least we have the Rimmel London Wonderfull Macara. I love love love this stuff. The difference it has made to my lashes is so crazy, I'll have to buy it again. I find that I can't fault this product. The brush head is perfect for separation but making your lashes look fuller, the product itself has been pleasant to use with no fall out and it holds a curl! I did a whole review in how I basically think it's there tits and you can see that here

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  1. I have never heard about the Revlon lash glue! Certainly going to go and hunt around for it - it sounds great!

  2. These look really great, Love beauty products :))) Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes on my blog, I appreciate them so much, it was very kind. I hope you have a sweet day doll xxx

  3. Wonderful round-up and I love the first shot very much. x

  4. That Urban Decay palette looks beautiful :-)

    I just posted the Top 10 Tag on my blog and gave you a shout out :-)

    1. It is so lovely :) aw thank you, I did see and I loved it!xx

  5. I desperately want the Naked Flushed palette but think I'm going to wait for my birthday haha. The colour sensational lipsticks are amazing aren't they?!

    1. Its a complete bargain for what it is! yeah they are, I love them :) xx