Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Freedom Makeup Correct and Conceal Palettes

When I heard that Freedom Makeup was launching, I was so excited to see what they had in store for us. On the day of the launch, I popped on over to the new site to discover what they had to offer. I was instantly very excited at the site of these correct and conceal palettes as I had been wanted something along these lines for a very long time.
I purchased these in the bundle which came with all of the concealer palettes, one corrector palette and the fixing spray as it works out a lot cheaper if you were to buy all of them together because separately, they are £5 each where as in the bundle they are £20 - Bargain!
When it comes to cheaper concealers, foundations and other base products, I've never had a great relationship with them but obviously I still give them a go as you never know - the Collection 2000 concealer has certainly taught us to not to judge a cheaper concealer.
These palettes have completely shocked me by being bloody brilliant. I really wasn't expecting the coverage and the colours are great. Once you really get into the product, after the top layer, you get a great coverage concealer which is so surprising as at first I did think I liked them but after using them a few times - WOW. 
My favourite has to be the colour correcting one. I suffer from very dark circles and redness around my nose so I apply the pink toned colour across the dark areas to cover them, then with the yellow toned colour, I apply that just underneath the pink so it gives it a little brightening affect and then the green coloured one around any of my red areas to contradict those. That little routine before foundation gives me such a flawless base which is so exciting as I've never had that before!

Do you have any of the Freedom Makeup Conceal and Correct Palettes?!


  1. These look great! Might have to pick up the colour correcting one, I have such bad dark circles and I'm always looking for stuff to cover them. I haven't bought anything from Freedom Makeup yet, thought I'd wait and see what everyone else thought first! x

  2. Love the packaging and by the sounds of it, I should purchase one too!
    Hope you're well :)
    Sam xx