Saturday, 27 June 2015

MAC 15 Warm Neutral Palette

Don't you just love make up?! As of late, Ive been purchasing more of the higher end products instead of spending loads of money on products that won't get used as much and I feel like my collection is growing at a better rate than being filled with junk that I won't end up using! I still love affordable beauty brands but I do see the difference in the higher end stuff. This is my first experience with MAC shadows as ive always been a bit put off by the price tag for each eye shadow pan BUT this bad boy is an absolute bargain!
So, you basically get 15 warm neutral shadows in a palette for only £65.. yes you read that right, £65! Considering each eyeshadow pan is £10 and the palette itself is £14 then £2.50 for the insert, it works out that you are saving over £100. We all know that I love a bargain and when Matt bought me this with 10% off on Debenhams as well, I was so excited!
The 15 shadows as stated are warm neutruals, ranging from light to dark and with a range of different finishes. Like I said before, this is my first experience with MAC shadows and I will admit that I didn't know there could be so may different finishes with shadows. 
I really am obsessed with this palette, I think its the perfect summer palette with the tones it  has and they would go great with a tan.
As soon as I saw Amber Lights, I was so excited to use it so I create the tutorial below using this palette. 

I definitely think i'll become a collector of MAC shadows, I really like the consistency and I like that you can customise your own palettes. I don have a clue how to remove the pans from this one though!
I've also heard through hear say that Makeup Geek Shadows are just as great quality as MAC and half the price so I'm definitely tempted to order some of those online - if you own any, let me know!

So, what are your thoughts? I really love it! I definitely want to get the cool toned one too!


  1. Perfect nude shades. xx


  2. Such a pretty palette :) Just subscribed to you on YT x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  3. Such a lovely palette, i actually dont own any MAC eyeshadows! have you tried the MAC x9 palettes what are your thoughts on them?