Friday, 3 July 2015

Makeup Forever HD Powder Review

I'm a little late on some of my American Makeup posts, I'm not going to lie, I forgot that I hadn't posted it about them! 
Whilst I was in Sephora, I knew I wanted to pick up a something from Makeup Forever because I had heard such good things about them. I was after a new loose powder because I wanted something finer and although I love the Collection 2000 loose powder, it is a little too 'talcy' which I'm not a fan of anymore. I suffer from seriously creasing concealer and so every day I have to do a little baking underneath my eyes so my concealer doesn't move around. I had heard a lot of people talk about the High Definition Loose Powder so I thought I would give it a try!
So, i'll put it out there - I don't love it. I really really want to love it because it was one of my USA purchases and its my first product from Makeup Forever so I wanted to share a really amazing review but I'll always be honest and say what I think. 
I suppose I should explain myself. Like I said before, I suffer a lot with my makeup settling in my fine lines around my eyes and it makes me look about 30 so try to set it with a powder to avoid it. I thought that the MUF loose powder would be the one because its so finely milled that I thought it would fill the tiny lines in and make everything smooth. It does the complete opposite and makes it look so much worse which is so disappointing! Not only that, I thought that the white colour would blend in with my natural skin tone but it doesn't, it leaves a major white cast over my eye area which makes me look really strange.
I am a major fan of baking my make up because I'm oily so I need to set my makeup properly in order for it to last. Unfortunately the packing on the MUF Loose Powder doesn't let you pick up a lot of product in order to pack it on to bake. Not only that, I do like to lock in my makeup with powder as said but this is another level. It leaves my skin feeling so tight and uncomfortable which is not what I want from my makeup. 
I hate to be the one to grumble as it could just be me but I'm really not into it and I have tried over the last two months but its not working out unfortunately. Sad times! 

Have you ever tried it? I'd love to know your thoughts.

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