Saturday, 7 February 2015

USA Wishlist #1

I am going to Florida in exactly 87 days and I could not be more excited if I tried. This would be my first time to the USA, my first long haul flight and my first flying with Virgin. Basically, it's my first of everything so i'm pretty excited. So, naturally, I want to share with you guys all of the things that I want to purchase during my trip to the U.S.

Anastasia Beverly Hills
Dip Brow Pomade & Tinted Brow Gel - Ulta
I have been wanting to try some of the Anastasia range for a long time now, so I thought I might as well wait that extra time and purchase some in America where it originated from. I also want to purchase some products where I can see the colours, just so I can pick my correct shade. Now, I'm not completely sure if they sell it in store at Ulta's but I think that they do in Sephora any way so either way, i'll find some!

Clean Slate Powerless Primer, Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara and the Tartelette Palette - Ulta
I've always wants to try some of the Tarte range and if you haven't already noticed, I plan to buy products that I can't pick up as easily from the UK as whats the point in going to America to buy drugstore make up that I can buy from here?! The high end stuff will be different as it'll work out cheaper so i'll happily spluge a little on that! But back to Tarte, I'm intrigued by their products as they are quite popular and they come from natural ingredients. There is more Tarte products I would love but you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for the next post..

Lorac Pro Palette, 1 & 2
Come on guys, it has to be done. I have been lusting after these palettes for so long! I have to purchase them when i'm out there as they seem like great palettes to have in my collection and they are a great range of colours. These actually work out cheaper than the Urban Decay palettes once you have converted them and I'm seriously hoping they are worth the hype!

Baked Powder Blushers & Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow
I own some of the Milani blushers already, they are such us quality for the price that they are. Very pigmented and beautiful colours. I've heard good and bad about the eyeshadows, so I want to go and swatch them to see what they're like first to know if they're worth it. 

Please let me know in the comments below if there are anythings that I need to buy!


  1. I want to try the Dipbrow Pomade SO badly!! I was going to order it on payday but I haven't got a clue what shade I'd be!! Need need need. I am so jealous of you!! I want to see vlogs :P
    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Lorac Pros yes please. America has some great make up at the minute, I use Dipbrow and I can't recommend it highly enough!

    Sammy xo.

  3. The Dip Brow Pomade is a fab product, you'll love it once you try it! Great wish list, I want to go to the USA so badly.

    alice x | beautybyalicee | bloglovin'

  4. You should also try and get some cheap Sephora lip items or minis, apparently they are so good! Plus NYX and Wet N Wild I'd be hitting! I hope your trip is amazing!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  5. Aw I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time, I really love Florida :) I want to try the Anastasia Dip Brow pomade just hate that you can’t get it over here in a store as I like to swatch before I buy. I’d definitely recommend hitting up the Florida Mall as they have a couple of Sephoras and drugstore shops :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  6. I am so envious, you'll have an amazing time. And even better if you can pick up some of these goodies!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. I hope you have an amazing time here and get everything you're wanting! I would also recommend looking at Wet N Wild. They have been having a lot of great new product launches this year :-)