Sunday, 26 October 2014

Review | Makeup Revolution The One Blush Sticks

By now, you're probably thinking that Makeup Revolution can get no better, but of course, they have come out with yet another product that will happily rival a high end brand and put up a damn good fight. Ever tired the Nars Multiples? If its a Yes then you will be shockingly surprised about how these Blush Sticks rival them. If not, then be prepared to save a ton of money because these are £25 cheaper then the Nars Multiples at a money saving price of £5 a piece. Oh how I love a bloody good bargain.
Cream blusher can be a little scarey if the consistency and 'creamyness' isn't correct as it takes a lot of blending but with these, they pat into the skin beautifully, leaving a soft non cakey finish.
In this new line up of blush sticks come in 8 different colours, 4 matte finish and 4 shimmer finish. There is Pink and Matte Pink are quite intense pinks that will give a real flush of colour which would be perfect for darker skin tones. Dream and Matte Dream are my faveourite as Matte Dream is a very pale pink that gives you that glow and Dream could be worn as a highlight with its soft colour and shimmery finish. They would both be good for fair skin tones, like myself. Rush and Matte Rush are coral colours with a slight orange undertones which would look so good with a tan in summer time to make you look really glowing and bronzed. Talking of bronzing, there are also two deep brown sticks called Matte Malibu and Malibu. Now Matte Malibu is perfect for a contour as it's easy to get a straight line because they are in stick form and they blend out so well! On point Makeup Rev!
You can see by the pictures that they are really cream and pigmented. They can also be used on the lips so Matte Dream would be a lovely soft lip for a day time look. I also think that dream would be nice to just pop on your lids for a nice shimmery cream shadow.

So, you know how much they cost, you know that they will easily rival a high end brand, what are you still doing here?! Go, Go, Go!


  1. Wow that's such a bargain, they'd make great little stocking fillers ��

    Hidden Freckles Beauty and Travel Blog

  2. I can't wait to try these, especially Matte Malibu as a contour. Makeup Revolution does not fail to impress!

    Sam |

  3. These look amazing! They are incredibly pigmented. Love the look of Matte Dream and Rush. xx

    Speaking Beauty UK | Nars, Urban Decay, YSL GIVEAWAY

  4. those shades are gorgeous, i have couple of their lip pies and i'm still yet to try it out. will do after this post.

  5. Need to get my hands on some of those matte shades. Malibu looks like the perfect thing for contouring! x

    Beauty with charm | TOOFACED GIVEAWAY

  6. Matte Dream looks like my perfect shade! Eek. I need it!! xx

    Alice Anne | Annie Writes Beauty

  7. Tomorrow I¨ll run to the nearest shop!! I LOVE al the shades, so complete and easy to use, the best for my work as a MUA. Thanks for the review!!!