Friday, 21 November 2014

MAC Heirloom Collection - Beige Eyeshadow Palette

I'm back with some more MAC on the blog today, what can I say, I'm spoiling you and myself! I picked this little gem up online, the same time as I picked up the Nude Lip Bag set (which can I add, is amazing) because I couldn't handle just picking up once item when there was so much to choose from. If you want to have a look at the first MAC Heirloom post then you can see that here! The packaging is following the same vintage and sparkles inspired look as all the other items which you can see is amazing and I love it because i've never seen anything like it before. I don't have a lot of MAC which may seem odd to you guys but I'm one of these people that likes to peruse the counters and my closet MAC counter is in a Debenhams 40 minutes away. You feel my pain?!
These are my first MAC eyeshadows, so I was pretty excited to check out the pigmentation and all of that palva.. Of course, I wasn't disapointed! The pallete is quite small, which has its upsides and its downsides. The negative side has to be the price, £32 seemed a little steep once I had recieved it. Yes, MAC is technically high end and the formula is great but when you think about a Urban Decay Naked Palette being around the £37 mark with 12 full side shadows and a full size double ended brush where as this is 8 small shadows and a small sample double ended brush. On the upside, this is a perfect for traveling as it is small, compact and still has a good range of warm shades to create quite a few different looks.
The palette consists of two rows of 8 shadows, the first row has Her Mistress which is a cream coloured Matte finish, Sweet Sovereign a very light gold shimmer with a hint of rose Lustre finish, Faire Maiden a shimmery gold Lustre finish, Tempting a chocolate brown with a gold shimmer and again a Lustre finish. On the second row starts with Omega which is a grey toned beige Matte finish, Quintessential is slight darker shade of Omega but with again a gold shimmer and is a Frost finish, Mystery is a cool toned light brown satin finish shade then last but not least Night Whisper is a deep cool toned brown velvet finish. You can achieve a day time and a night time look with this palette and its quite versatile to complexions. All of the shadows were so smooth even with the different finishes, none of the shimmers were at all gritty and they all had pretty bad arse staying power which is handy with oily lids even without primer.
Altogether I'm pretty chuffing pleased that I got my hands on some of this collection as both of my new pieces are top notch!

Have you picked up any of the MAC Heirloom Collection?!


  1. I 100% did! I picked up three of the lipsticks as well as the red lip bag about a week and a half ago -- I'd thought that it was all sold out everywhere, and I was lucky to walk into a MAC that had gotten their shipment in a week late, and so had some! Score!

    Sarah xo
    Diary of a Beauty Padawan

    1. wow, you're lucky! I'm tempted to get that too.. haha!!! xx

  2. Love the look of the colours! I've got this one on my wishlist for Christmas, because it's indeed rather steep - but I think all the MAC eyeshadows are in the end compared to many other good brands. Ahwell, sometimes a splurge is allowed, right? ;) Gosh, there are too many holiday collections I'd like to get my hands on!

    Laura London xx

  3. beautiful package for stunning shades

  4. I haven't got any MAC. I think it is expensive for what it is and it's overly rated! These do look gorgeous though! Can't wait to see some looks with it.

    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  5. I love the packaging of the Heirloom collection, it's so pretty. I only have one MAC eyeshadow but I think the pigmentation is on point. There's some gorgeous shades in this pallette, I do agree with the point you raised about the Urban Decay palettes not costing too much more for more shades though. I went for the nude & red lip glass collection from the holiday range :)
    Natasha Paris x

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous, however I think I totally have enough neutral palettes so don't think I need another one! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  7. These colours look so pretty and love the packaging x