Sunday, 14 December 2014

Its Not Christmas Without A Good Jumper..

Surely Christmas is the best excuse to wear the coolest/corniest/lame jumpers going right?! I have an Elf jumper that says yes. I've given you a wide range of choices, from every day wearable and cute, to the christmas jumper you will wear for an hour to keep the present gifted happy then take it off.. You know you do it. The only bonus is that these days, they've actually become quite wearable so you won't find anything too corny. Whether it's a christmas style pattern or a huge snow man, it's time to get buying because Christmas isn't the same unless you have one. Of course, let me know if you have an christmas jumpers and leave the links to them so people can find them!

River Island
Dorothy Perkins 
John Lewis


  1. These are all gorgeous - love them! I've got an Olaf jumper this year haha! xxx

  2. Mine this year is one I picked up in Primark! It's adorable yet tacky at the same time... just what Christmas should be about!