Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Dupe Alert! Burberry VS Makeup Revolution

So I opened up my free sample of the new Burberry Kisses lipstick and after playing around with it for a while, I noticed that I had seen a shade very similar to it before. Now yes, I know that we all like to indulge in an expensive brand now and again but sometimes, why spend so much on a lipstick when its the colour you want.
These two are incredibly similar, as you can see from the two pictures, when its with a flash or without, they really very close in matching. Also, the consistency is very similar too as they're average in pigmentation so both lipsticks have to be built up to get the bold colour that you would want from a red lipstick.
These two products maybe similar in colour but they're very different in price. Makeup Revolution Atomic Shade in Atomic Ruby is only £1 where as the Burberry Kisses lipstick in Military Red No.109 is £25! That is a huge difference in price so sometime you can see that it is the brand of pay for. I would love to own a few more full size Burberry Kisses Lipsticks as they are really nice but as I'm a little scared of bold colours, I'll definitely purchase some more bold colours from Makeup Revolution because if I decide I don't like them, for £1, it's not a major waste! 

What do you think? I think they're so similar!