Monday, 7 April 2014

London Haul! Smashbox

Hey Guys!

Ok Ok Ok Ok I cannot tell you how overly excited I am to of brought this product!! I have been waiting for SOOOOOOO long to get it. I think you know what i'm talking about right... it is of course the Smash Box Full Exposure Pallet!! wowsers it is every inch beautiful. Now I don't own any of the Urban Decay Naked pallets and I cant tell you why other than the fact that they don't attract me! I am thinking about purchasing the Naked 3 because I think that the pink tones in the pallets are going to be good for summer shadows but I'm not extremely bothered either way. Not only that but everyone wants them and think its must have which I can see why it can be handy but the fact that everyone wants one and think its a must have makes me not want one as much... i'm strange i know. I say all this and ill end up getting one now!

Anyway, back to the main topic, Smashbox! Not only did i get the Full Exposure pallet, I was scanning my eyes over the products and I saw this highlighter. I don't own a cream/liquid highlighter as I tend to go for the pressed powders but once I swatched this, I was in heaven and I had to have it!

So the Full Exposure pallet is just amazing. Every colour in it, I will be using as they are basic colours that any one and every one can use. I just love the fact that you have matte and shimmer in one pallet, its the perfect pallet for any occasion! The colours are so pigmented and they are so soft on the skin. You get no fall out, they don't crease and they are definitely long lasting. I love the detailing on the packaging and especially love that face that it comes with a brush that you can actually use to create a good eye look instead of those little sponge tipped applicators which are the worst!

The Halo Highlighting Wand that I purchased really caught my eye as I really love highlighters and I don't have very many of them at all so I saw this and instantly fell in love. It comes in like a wand dispenser form and then has brush tip on the end. The brush tip as you can see isn't a big fluffy one, they have set it so it stays in shape for better precision. The highlighter comes in two colours, Gold and Pearl. Obviously I got the Pearl as I am fair skin toned and I felt the Gold was for more natural bronzed skin tones. Now be warned, a little goes such a long way but it is really worth it! It is such a pretty colour and although you cant see very well on the picture, it does have that pink tone in it when it hits the light, just like a pearl does.

What are your favorite Smashbox products? 

I hope you all have a lovely week!

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