Thursday, 10 April 2014

My April/May Wishlist

Hey guys.

So in between my little London Haul blog posts (because there's lots to take photos for) I thought I would post about some things I have recently come across that have made their way onto my wishlist for the next two months. I don't make a monthly wishlists as you end up spending way too much money but anyways, I hope my list inspires you to treat yourself! 

1. Milani Baked Blushes in Luminoso, Dolce Pink and Rose D'oro. I think these blushes are beautiful and ive heard nothing but amazing things about them. Can be brought from
2. H&M Black Tote Handbag. I LOVE my new Michael Kors Handbag but that bad boy needs to be treated well and is definitely not for everyday! So this would be the perfect alternative! £29.99
3. Beauty Blender. I just want to see what all the hype is about!! £10

4. Lime Crime Lipstick in Babette. Nicole Guerriero my beauty guru idol wears this lipstick beautifully so I want to see if it really is that good! Can be brought from
5. The Balm Hot Mama. I am intrigued by the colour.. that is all... £13.50
6. Bobbi Brown Instant Pretty Kit (online only) I really really really want one of their Shimmer Bricks and then i saw this! This is £56 and the Shimmer Brick on its own it £32 so technically your then getting a mascara, eye liner, lip gloss and brush for £24.. BARGAIN.
7. The Balm Cindy-Lou Manizer. I've heard so much good stuff about their highlighters and the packaging and the word play is so much fun! £16
8. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer. Pretty much the same reason as above... The reason why I've chosen these two and not the Betty-Lou Manizer is because its a bronzer/highlighter and I personally prefer my highlighters to be light tones like pinks or creams rather than browns. £16

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