Monday, 17 February 2014

International Love!

I like a lot of the products in the UK because obviously I have been going to Boots and Superdrug for years but sometimes I just want to try something new and the USA have some great products! Obviously a lot of the bigger cosmetics companies are worldwide but I want to find products that originated from the USA or other countries and aren't common. I think I may do a post like this every Monday as I do order a quite a few products and it's good to share :) I enjoy doing a bit of international shopping as it can be cheaper than the items in the UK and I like to be a little bit different and have something that others may not have! The item I am loving at the moment is the Brow Bar To Go by Whitening Lightening. I lovvvvveeeee this product as it has two shades in it and a brow wax which I think is a great little set to have. The case also has a mirror and a little eye brow brush which gives you good precision when filling in your brows. I just use a brow pencil to make my shape and then the brow bar to fill in the brows and extend the arch lower for more definition. As I have quite wide eyes, I need a longer brow for structure. If you guys don't know what lengths and shapes your eye brows should be then let me know and I'll do a blog on it! But back on topic, I really like this product as it's quick and easy to carry around! If you're interested than please use discount code NIC70 for 70% off! Remember as it's the USA, shipping will take a little longer!


  1. I know what you mean about wanting to try brands from the US - I really want to get my hands of some Tarte products! So happy some of their range is coming to the UK next month :D x

    1. Is it?!?!? They are on my wish list for pay day!! Haha i wana get the eye cream and some of the make up! Looks lush! X