Monday, 24 February 2014

MUA Mini Haul!

Okay my beautiful people, I am back and in the full swing of things! The weekend just gone has just been so busy, I haven't had chance to stop!

Yesterday I went a little cray cray when I went to SuperDrug and picked up a ton of stuff. The main brand I would say I purchased was MUA Make Up Academy. I already have about 3 item from their collection which are a little single eye shadow, a trio shadow and on of their pallets, which I got ages ago which i am addicted to, its the Heaven and Earth pallet, I just think that they are great colours and they are just good eye shadows! They definitely do the job well for how cheap they are that's for sure.
So back to yesterday, I purchased a number of items including 4 of the eye shadow pallets, £4 EACH (magical right), a highlighter, a blush and with all of this I got a free eye shadow tint stick which was cool, like I always say, everybody loves a freebie!
I think there is another eye shadow pallet but I didn't pick that up. I can't remember why but I think it scared me a little by a colour... I'm not sure but hey ho. The pallets are great, there is a great range of shades in each one and they all range from a shimmer finish to matte finish which is good, as i feel like i have too many shimmer finish eye shadows and that can be too much in the day. As i spent over a certain amount, they gave me a free eye shadow tint stick, which i wouldn't of brought so it was nice to try something new out. I was actually really pleased with the colour! I would say its a slight coral pink but the thing i loved about it, was i looked and was like, ah okay cool that's a nice pink colour, then when i tried it on my hand, the shimmer in it is gold! It really compliments the pink and i love love love love it! I think its a great color. As were on the topic of colour, i want to talk about the blusher i got from there too. Now i am someone who only likes a tiny bit of blush on the apples of my cheeks as i have quite pink pigments in my skin so i don't want to enhance itas it can be waaaay too much but the MUA blushes are matte blushes that arent too strong so they are a really soft color which is perfect for me! The colour i got is Lolly and its a really soft colour. The last thing I want to talk about this the highlighter I purchased. Now this highlighter is not for the faint hearted... its is super light, super shimmery and needs to be used with caution! Other than that, i like it! It threw me off a little as when i tried it on my finger, to the touch, it has a strange texture as it pressed with a pattern on but i was like okay, lets go with it and it turned out to be a really nice. 

Sorry I've been slow the past few days, just haven't stopped!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend beauts! x


  1. such an affordable brand, you should do a makeup look with the products, love the blush and the highlighter, I'm all about glowing cheeks at the moment..and for the record you can never have too many eyeshadow palettes ;)

    1. I know that's what I love about it! I want too but every time if go to take a picture, I just look like golum haha. I wish I had more!!

  2. I have been eyeing the MUA palettes and blushes lately..M gonna grab 'em soon...Lovely post dear :) <3

    Would love your follow back :)

  3. Hello Gorgeous! I have just done the Procrastinating Beauty Blogger tag and guess what I've tagged you to do it too! Here's my post of the tag to give you an idea of what to do:
    Have Fun!
    Love E x