Saturday, 8 February 2014

Secret to clean brushes...

On the market there are SOOOOOOO many different brands or brush cleaners and techniques but I have uncovered the best thing to use!
It's a random story.. But I have two nieces and a nephew and when they stay over, my house has all the essentials. So one evening, I was about to clean all of my make up brushes and then I couldn't find anything to wash the brushes with. That's when I saw Johnson and Johnson Shampoo.. (Hence why I mentioned my niece's and nephew, didn't want you guys to think I'm odd lol) but I thought what a good idea, it's soft but still cleans and is good for keeping naturals oils in the fibres. Once my brushes were dry, they were so soft and felt so good when using them with my make up! AND it's so much cheaper than branded brush cleaner! So there is my tip, Johnson And Johnson Shampoo for cleaning make up brushes! xo

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