Friday, 21 March 2014

Arbonne Week: Day Four!

Hey guys,

It is day five of my Arbonne Review Week and I thought I would keep it sweet and simple and talk about two basic products that are used nearly every other day in a women's beauty routine. Shampoo and Conditioner! I got the cutest mini samples of their Pure Vibrance Shampoo and Condition which i was eager to try out. The Pure Vibrance range was created especially for colour or chemically treated hair with 'ColorLast Technology' to help stop colour fade and lock in shine.*
The main thing I look for in a shampoo is to really cleanse my hair and give it abit of volume and with my conditioner, I just want it to completly moisturise and nourish my hair as it is quite damaged. I don't often look for a shampoo to help the colour of my hair as I have recently dyed my hair close to the natural colour so I get my natural colour come through the if I have a colour locking shampoo then I won't get the effect I want! 

After using the Pure Vinrance Shampoo and Conditioner, I was pleasantly surprised! The shampoo left my hair feeling incredibly cleansed and clean, leaving my hair feeling light and not weighed down by product which some often do if they're too strong. I found that the conditioner complimented the shampoo nicely as it feel it feeling light an fresh. I actually noticed a extra shine to my hair and the colour vibrance in my hair had actually improved. 

I think that I would have to try it out a few more times to get the full effects of it but ever all I would definitely want to try them again and delve into the rest of their hair range as it did smell really good as well! 

Look out for more next blog for more Arbonne product reviews! 
Hope you all have a lovely Friday :) 

PURE VIBRANCE Shampoo - £25
PURE VIBRANCE Conditioner - £25 
Check out their website and where to buy here.

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  1. So pleased that you got on so well with these samples. I love this range and have noticed a massive difference in the condition of my colour treated hair. The masque is an incredible treatment and I find that the mousse is great for getting rid of fly away hairs. These products help to retain up to 93% of colour after 20 washes- a great economy saver if you get your hair dyed in a pricey salon! Loving reading your reviews Jess! For more info on Arbonne or any of these products please visit my website or contact me @julesarbonne on twitter : )