Thursday, 6 March 2014

Bonjour Bourjois!

Hey guys :)

Spring is creeping in so quickly lately, with the evenings getting lighter and the days getting sunnier, it has really made me feel happier and that tends to show in my make up... Sounds strange I know but I feel like when the weather gets better, it's time to ditch the dark winter colors and bring out the light and brights! I was snooping in Superdrug the other day (as you do) and I noticed these two lip colors from Bourjois. Now I have had a bad experience with Bourjois as their eye shadows aren't good! I tried out their little trio shadows in like a brown theme and they were just very disappointing as they barely transferred on the brush, let alone onto my eye lid! But I didn't want to judge the whole range so I saw this Lip Stick and Lip Crayon and I thought I would give them a try!
So to start with the Lip Stick, it is 03 in Peche Cosy from the Rouge Edition and it is such a pure orangey/peachy color which I love for spring. It's not too orange because that could become too much on the lip for a softer look and it is really smooth to apply. It's hard to describe as it is not too glossy but it does have that shine element.. I know I'm not making sense but it's just so lovely! I would definitely recommend as it is a lovely smooth Lip Stick. I think i will be purchasing 19 Corail En Vogue from the Rouge Edition as it is a lot like the Peche Cosy but Corail En Vogue has pink undertones, where as Peche Cosy has orange undertones.

On to the second item I purchased, i was skeptical as i haven't found many Lip Crayons that have been pigmented or had a lot of colour pay off! but then again, i haven't tried Revlon ones yet... are they any good?!
Anyway, back to Bourjois. Now this crayon is called Color Boost does look quite bright and scary but once its on the lip, it goes slightly pinkier which is nice. That swatch is actually about 2/3 strokes do it all depends on how much of an orange tint you would like! It glides on really nicely though and it is quite glossy and i actually prefer the gloss from this than what i would a lip gloss as it is much lighter on my lips.

Both of these products come in at around £8 which isn't too bad but if you guys know other brands that have good orange/peach/coral tone lip products then let me know!

I hope you all have a great day, only one more day and its the weekend! 
Love you all so so so so much, feeling blessed with the amount of views i've had!

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  1. That lip crayon looks grt.. what about Revlon's Rendezvous? Check my review for swatches -

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