Friday, 7 March 2014

My Mac Wishlist.

Hello Beauties!
If you follow me on twitter, you would know that it is my birthday soon! If you don't then, its the 27th March! aha. I have a few things planned, the main thing is that on the 28th i will be going to London for the day with my best friend! I have been saving for this day outing for a couple of months now just because i knew i'd be moving out and so forth and I wanted to have a good shopping spree and live the high life for a day as they say! I live in a small town in Northamptonshire, which by train is about 30/45 minutes away from London.
Whilst i'm there, I plan to have my usual cocktail at Hard Rock Cafe, which did on my 16th (non alcoholic of course), my 18th and now i'm going for my 20th. I was planning to do it every important birthday but although 20th isn't that important, i see that i am no longer a teenager and that needs celebrating!
One of the things i want to do is have a little Mac splurge and i thought, why not actually go to the Mac store and do it there instead of a department store, so then i know that everything will definitely be there! So in honor of that, here is my Mac Wishlist! 

1. Mac Extra Dimention Highlighter in Superb - £20
I only have a couple of highlighters and none of them have actually amazed me so i'm ready for the upgrade!

2. Mac Pro Pallet x4 £6.50
I then want to choose some colors for the pallet. The reason why i haven't shown you which colors is because there are so many and i want to get four colors that i'm only using on occasions as they are pricey!

3. Mac Pro Longwear Concealer - £15.50
I've wanted this for an extremely long time.. its always a toss up between this or Nars but ive heard Nars is thick and i do suffer from under eye creases!

4. Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter - £18
I would like this just to go with the concealer for when im going for the more dewy look, i want to be able to blend it up my cheek bones!

5. Mac Extra Demension Blush in Dusk - £20
I have also heard great things about this and I want to find a good blush that is subtle but visible. 

Its not a lot i know.. but thats because i know i will end up finding something that will catch my eye and ill want instantly!

What are your favorite Mac Products?


  1. Fab Wishlist sweetie, the pro long wear concealer is amazing (get the shade below what you normally wear ) have a fab birthday, lots of love Anoushka //

    1. i know i think that will be the lightest one! haha. Thankyou so much, i cant wait for it to come! x

  2. I've wanted the prep and prime highlighter for so long! id love it if youd check out my blog and comment back xx

    1. i think it will add great highlight to my cheek bones!x

  3. Great wish list , I have always wanted to try there foundation !
    Melissa x

  4. I've nominated you for the Liebster award!

  5. Hey there, I really think your blog is lovely so have nominated you for the liebster award.. enjoy it!