Monday, 17 March 2014

Arbonne Week! Day One.

Hey guys!

If you read my last blog post then you would know that I am spending this week reviewing all of my Arbonne samples that I received from the beautiful Julie (see her twitter here). I wanted to dedicate this week to Arbonne as I feel like it needs to become a lot more known than what it is! If you would like to purchase any of the products I review then I will write the website details down below and how much the full size versions are. I also just want to say that these are all my opinions. I have been sent these samples but it won't stop me from being completely honest! So here we go.

I wanted to start the week off with the Lip Polish  samples as I have never really done a review on a gloss as I don't often wear glosses!

First impressions on all the Polishes is that they glide on the lip really well unlike some glosses that get sticky. I also noticed that the shimmer within Posh and Pearl is like gold flecks which is so pretty as it really warms up the lip colour. Overall the polishes are really glossy and are great addition to any make up collection.

Coral - it is more of an orange colour to a pink but it is a lovely colour and perfect for this time of year! It isn't extremely pigmented but it gives the lip a nice tone to the lip instead of a plain gloss. 

Posh - wow wow wow. This colour is gorgeous! The colour is really pigmented and the shimmer inside it is gold which added something different to the polish instead of a sparkle. It glides on beautifully and it looks great in the lip.

Pearl - I have never really delved into the browns when it comes to lip colour as I dont really have the skin tone for it but this colour have a beautiful gold colour in it which really warms up a lip if your not into deep pink colours. It also has the gold shimmer in it like Posh which is so pretty.

Brown Sugar - I am personally not a fan of this colour. It is like a brown with a red undertone and it just doesn't suit me.. But over looking the colour, it is a really nice polish and is quite pigmented!

Overall, i was pleased with the colour pay off from these polishes and i would highly recommend Coral and Posh!

All of their Lip Polishes come in at £18 and you can find them on 

Keep an eye out this week for more reviews on the Arbonne Products and let me know what you think!

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