Sunday, 2 March 2014

Smashbox Minis!

I am soooooo into minature versions of actual products. I don't know why but it means I can try loads of different products that are more on the pricey scale and if I don't like them then it's not a huge waste. Maybe that's me just being too sensible and not spontaneous but never mind!
If you follow me on twitter (@PrettyChitChat) then you will know that my lovely boyfriend recently purchased me a little treat from Smashbox! (Well done Matt)
I was so excited when it came as i was a Smashbox virgin... I had never try any of their products but one of my best friends told me how amazing their Photo Finish Primer is so I was excited to try something new out.

When the package first carm I really didn't know what to expect! Once I opens the box, I was impressed by the way they had packaged the samples as they looked so presentable. I started by trying the Photo Finish Foundation Primer and I really loved how light it was on my skin which I prefer as once you start applying the layers of make up, it can start feeling a little heavy on your skin and so I personally don't need anymore thickness shall we say! The Photo Finish Eyelid Primer is great for brightening the eye area ready for eye shadow. I do like this product but it is a perfect example of the reason why I like miniature versions of products so I can try them because I personally felt that a good concealer over the eyes works just as well for brightening the eye area and leaving a good base ready for eyeshadow and so on. I think the Smashbox product is great, I just slightly don't see the point in it! Personal opinion though!

As we are on eye products, I shall move on to their  Limitless Eye Liner in Onyx. I swatched this on my hand (as you do) and I straight away, with two lines, I could see that it is quite pigmented which is difficult to find with a crayon eye pencil. The other thing I noticed is it was definitely long lasting and a toughie! I know this as it would not leave my hand. I kid you not, it wasn't until I used an actual make up remover wipe that it actually shifted! I was very impressed as I have a couple of crayon liners and they are prone to smudging and they definitely don't last but this was definitely the opposit!

The third eye product in the little Try It Kit is a mini version of their popular Full Exposure Mascara. I personally feel like there are so many mascaras out that there when you see a bigger and better brand, you expect something amazing to come from them. Don't get me wrong, I liked the mascara... But the brush is one I've seen before.. It's basically a slightly skinnier and a tad more separated than the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara. I hate to say it as I expected huge things from this mascara and yes it done the job but not absolutely amazing. I'm not going to big it up because of the brand. I try to be honest and give my personal opinions!

Last but of course not least, is the miniature Lip Enhancing Gloss in Ilume. This is a great all round lip colour and it really does give your make up a great pop of sparkle. It is a lot like No7 High Shine Lipgloss in Whisper, which I love but the only issue with that one is definitely not smooth! This gloss how ever is very smooth on my lips and is definitely long lasting so I was impressed!
Overall out of the 5 product samples I relieved, I would probably but the normal size of the Photo Finish Prime, the Limitless Eye Liner and the Lip Enhancing Gloss because I feel like they are worth the money you will pay for them!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post or detailed analysis as that's what it turned into! Haha. Have a great Sunday beauties!

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  1. I like Smashbox photofinish primer in Apricot..does a nice job..that lip gloss looks lyk a nice one!

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